Shoot For The Moon

The Moon is beautiful and bright
because it does not avoid the night.

   As we transition from the darkest day of the year to the return of the sun and its expanding light, we embark upon a series of unprecedented full moons, all at zero degrees.

   Typically, historically and traditionally, full moons have represented and facilitated overflow, release and letting go. The lunar liberation of 2018 had us waving goodbye to who we have been, the masks we have worn, the beliefs we felt safe with and “identities” that kept us in old patterns that no longer served our highest path. Do you remember who you were in January 2018? There may be nothing left of that person. We have all moved forward, and now is the time to plunge into an unknown future of unlimited possibilities. 

   The Winter Solstice and December’s full moon on the 22nd launches a series of five consecutive full moons at zero degrees, changing the influence of the full moon energy from release to rebirth, new beginnings, and fresh starts, bringing tremendous transformation and fertile ground for prolific change.

   Tonights full moon asks us:
“Who are you now?”
“Who do you want to be?”
“What do you believe is possible?” 

   Basically, if you shoot for the moon at this time, you will at least reach a few stars, so ask for the best, reach higher than you have ever reached, believe in yourself and the encouragement you need coming to you, because it will.

   From December to April the seeds we plant will be nourished and nurtured in ways we have never experienced before. The energetic support may shock you.  If you have an idea, a dream, a goal, a deep desire to transform some area of your life, reinforcement will be provided and ever-available.

   This is the time to step into who you really are with confidence and exuberance. To speak your truth boldly, love wholeheartedly and visualize the impossible until it’s real. This is a time of being supported in what you want most, of being encouraged by unseen forces, of being awakened with ideas that animate your being with greater purpose in life. 

   Take positive risks, believe, trust, and have faith in the highest, because the highest is absolutely the nearest and the easiest to reach from here on out. Don’t waste this chance for luxuriant and empowering change. Dream big and live fully. It’s time to be who you came here to be. 

Blessings on your authentic journey my dear friends


When water is still, it beholds the moon
When mind is still, it beholds your soul and the perfect path you came to walk