Slaying The Dragon

   Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th Symphony brought us the most weighty and ponderous famous 4 beats in history…. Da-Da-Da-DUM, aptly coined The Symphony of Fate.

   Beethoven wrote Symphony No. 5  while struggling with the loss of his hearing, which ended his career as a musician, prompting a more in depth and illustrious career as a composer.

Beethoven wrote. And indeed he succeeded in rising far above fate, carrying others upward with him. 

   Each successive symphony his ability to identify, wrestle with and victoriously slay the dragon of fate through his music became part of the euphoria, leaving listeners triumphant, as though they too had overcome obstacles and risen to a higher platform in life.

   Beethoven’s  7th Symphony  in A Major – Allegretto tuned to 432Hz.,  has proven very successful in helping people unravel and release trauma and fear, while boosting energy for a better outlook; slaying darkness through sonics.

   Healing music works as an adjustment or upgrade to your light body, which also contains music as part of its structure. Many great masters from the past kept this in mind as they created.

   This piece was previously posted in 2015. I apologize for redundancy. Many new friends have been reaching out for comfort recently and this felt to be a good time to reintroduce the magnificence of Beethoven.