Sleep in Peace and Wake in Celebration!


Each night I put my hands over my heart, close my eyes and sing the Lyraen Lullaby to my inner being.

I love you
I love you
I love you

   Inevitably, I sleep like a happy, safe baby and wake up feeling the world is a wonderland of joy! Miraculously, the effects of self-love are cumulative, and eventually all the worries of life dissipate and seem insignificant compared to the wonders that abound. Truly, the key to a happy ~ healthy life is investing your energy in making sure your Spirit and inner child feel acknowledged at all times.

When your inner being feels loved, it feels safe.
When it feels safe it gives you access to your creative mastery.
When your inner being feels unsafe, it shuts down creativity and hides joy,
leaving your mind focused on challenges, survival and fear.
   When you perceive from the happiness within your Spirit, you begin to notice the magic of life and all things that represent joy. Suddenly, nature will appear to be sending you love notes and well wishes every where you go!!!

…and the whole world appears safe and happy

   If you are experiencing challenges that linger, the solution is often based in giving your Spirit and the frightened inner child what they need. Spend time loving your inner being each day and night and miracles will abound, troubles will evaporate and your whole life will take on a more fulfilling and peaceful frequency.

May you sleep in peace and wake in celebration each day!

February 2016, Ehsida