Someone Like You

   Do you remember waking up very early each morning as a wee child with a sunny smile uplifting your little face; your heart radiating the celebration of being alive in a body? Those are some of the most exciting and exhilarating feelings we can experience… the joy of being alive. 

   As children we know deep inside we are a perfect miracle of light and happiness, and that wisdom remains deep within guiding us through the darkest times, helping us choose the highest path to honor our body, mind and soul.

   As we move closer to December 21st, 2020, many will feel a shift; a subtle change in who they are and what direction to go in.  Things that enhance your joy for life will become more important to you, and things that do not support your authentic self may fade away. It’s all part of the perfect vision of 2020…seeing the truth, perhaps for the first time.

   Life is leading us somewhere much much better, and the more we trust and embrace the new, the more we may discover aspects of our own internal masterpiece that had been hidden, as well as new and old friends and circumstances that bring our celebration to new heights.