When you choose to see the good in others
you end up discovering the best in yourself.

   In 2011 an animal communicator named Anna Breytenbach was called to the Jukani Animal Sanctuary to consult with a black leopard named Diablo. Diablo had been rescued from a Zoo in the U.K. after being terribly treated. His new sanctuary would seem to be the perfect home, but the cat was even more unhappy on the planes of South Africa.

   Amidst his ability to connect with and care for all the other big cats living on his land, the main sanctuary owner/care giver was at a loss as to how to help Diablo. The black cat refused to come out of his enclosement, aside from a one time attack that sent the caregiver to hospital.  The caregiver did not believe it was possible to speak with animals, but he was desperate and willing to try anything. 

   When the animal communicator arrived the troubled cat did something very unexpected. Much to the surprise of the caregiver, the previously hissing, violent, angry cat visibly relaxed and became docile. This was the first sign that Diablo was not innately violent to the core, as many had presumed.

   The communicator spent time connecting with Diablo, asking him questions and receiving answers. She then began by telling the caregiver that the cat did not like the name Diablo and resented being associated with anything diabolical. He also found it humiliating when the guide leading the visitors each day would stop in front of his enclosure and tell others what a horrible and sad life the cat had experienced, and how angry and violent he was so they would stay away from him.

   The caregiver imagined the animal communicator was just a bright girl able to come up with constructive advice that made sense, so he chalked it up to cleverness, until she mentioned one more thing.

“The cat wants to know what happened to the two leopard cubs in the cage next to him in U.K. Zoo? He has had concern for them since you took him away.

   To this the caregiver’s jaw dropped. He had forgotten all about the cubs, but remembered them from the cage next to the black leopard and realized this communicator was actually having a conversation with the cat.

   The communicator went on to convey that the black leopard was a very regal, powerful and masterful soul who was not being treated accordingly. The cat felt trapped and hopeless on display as a poor angry animal no one wanted anything to do with. This was very far from what his soul had in mind for this life time.

   The main caretaker immediately went to the tour guide and told him that he was never to tell that sad story about Diablo again. He also changed the name of the cat from Diablo to Spirit. When everyone had left, the caretaker  went to the enclosement and apologized to the black cat for misperceiving him. He also told Spirit the two cubs were safe and doing well.

   For the first time since the black cat had arrived at the sanctuary, the caregiver watched Spirit leave his enclosure and begin exploring the land provided for him. As the caregiver marveled while watching the cat move in all his grace and glory, he exclaimed, “My god, you are a magnificent animal.” The cat turned around to face him and gave a grunt to acknowledge the compliment and the two have respected each other and had no further problems since. In fact, Spirit is now recognized as somewhat of a Sage, and people have come from around the world to be in his presence.

By acknowledging the best in others, we bring out the best in everyone.

Spirit now roams happily on the Jukani land with the two leopard cubs who are now full grown.