Got energy? 

As we transition from Winter into the inner blooming and greater vitality of Spring, there are a few things we can do to make this process even more revitalizing for the system.  

The kidneys are responsible for our energy levels, our vitality and longevity. Strong kidney energy will feed and nourish our heart, bones, brain, teeth, hair and nails. If the kidney energy is overused or drained through physical or emotional stress, cold energy, poor nutrition, over exercising, or lack of sleep, we may experience aging, fatigue, mental confusion, back pain, injuries, weakness, hair loss, a softening of the teeth, nails and bones, as well as hearing difficulties and/or skin conditions. Kidney energy is vital for a strong life force and the best time to build it is Spring.

To support and strengthen the kidney energy, the ancients would soak their feet in very warm water each evening to bring warmth and energy into the meridians, helping to sooth and strengthen the kidneys, adrenals and the heart, aiding in a much deeper and more rejuvenating sleep and robust health.

Keeping the body temperature comfortably warm day and night soothes the central nervous system.

Cold food, cold beverages and cold people can shock the heart meridian, causing the organs to bleed life force energy they require for their own well being into the heart to keep it functioning. Keep your intake warm and comforting.

These small tips from the ancient healers can make a significant difference in your energy level and mental well being, by feeding the body the warmth it requires to regenerate.

Kidneys are key to youthful vitality and joy


  March 2016, Ehsida