Star Stories

“The planets are bodies in the solar system, and so are we.”

Jeanette Winterson

   Looking up at the night sky I see stories playing out like movies with multifaceted characters dancing through intricate themes of light. This weekend’s show is what l would call a prime time drama, with pretty interesting characters meetings under rather auspicious…yet awkward circumstances.

   February 8th or 9th, depending on where you live, we have a full moon in Leo, which means Leo is throwing a party and expects to be the center of attention. However, it appears Pluto and Mars, who often steal the spotlight, are about to crash the soirée. Poor old Leo.

   Every full moon overflows with the secrets it has gathered throughout the month, and this weekend Pluto intends to announce them. It’s not that Pluto is mean, it’s just his job, because he represents irrevocable change and what changes us faster than secrets being revealed?

   Mars likes to have his way. He knows what he wants and always gets it….unless he’s dealing with Pluto. You see Pluto is a General and Mars is a Warrior, but this does not stop Mars from trying to impose his will. The more Mars pushes, the more Pluto pulls out his battle baton, exposing ego secrets Mars doesn’t want anyone to notice. But Mars just can’t stop. It’s his nature to keep fighting expecting to win, so Pluto keeps announcing more and more secrets that eventually bring Mars to his knees…finally surrendering to the will of the Cosmos… transformed.

As above so below

Here on earth the full moon will illuminate hidden truths within our own subconscious; things about ourselves Pluto thinks we must embrace to become more empowered. For example, the Mars influence may inspire more courage, confidence and self respect, or it could cause someone to assert an unpopular opinion in a group dynamic before they know their audience. This is where Pluto steps in with his baton, exposing ego fears, limiting beliefs and deep insecurities of those who become triggered. Luckily this is Leo’s party and he’s always fun, so take his example and look at things lightheartedly.

If you want to be in Pluto’s favor, stand up for your core values with love and integrity.
If you want to meet his baton, fight for the ego’s stubborn stance and basically get flattened.
This is the ongoing influence throughout 2020, so we all have the choice of how the year will play out.

   This alignment is also one of many “planetary corrections,” when it comes to healing the archaic patriarchal energy both males and females have carried for millenniums, which led to imbalance and disharmony. This could play out as a sudden surge of added aversion to being dominated, manipulated or bullied in any way, feeling more likely to protect and provide for yourselves with a determined, yet harmonious stance. Others may step away from needing to manipulate and control.

   A deeper sense of purpose may also arise as our hearts heal, illuminating all that is ready to shift into a more just and fair reality… if we choose to create this for ourselves. Results will unfold on an individual basis, so we can’t expect everyone to suddenly grow a conscience. Remember, this is about discernment and good boundaries.

   The best way to make good use of this energy is to recognize the true dignity of your soul, stand up for who you are and live with FIRM impeccable boundaries that honor your highest path.

May we embrace any difficult awakenings with Leo’s magical sense of playfulness


“When I discover that the forces of the heavens and the planets
are within ourselves, then truly I seem to be living among the Gods.”

~ Leon Battista Alberti


“You’re on Earth.
There’s no cure for that.”

Samuel Beckett