Sunshine Therapy
The SUN represents all that is good to many ancient healing traditions. A healthy baby is born full of Sunshine Energy. They are warm, happy, supple and light. As we grow and experience challenges in life, such as cold elements in nature, cold hearted people, cold emotions, and cold food and drink, our Sunshine Energy diminishes and we become heavier, denser, colder, less joyful, and less supple or enthusiastic about life. Without maintaining our natural warm state, we may also become unwell.
Sunshine Energy is everything warm and filled with light and love. To increase your Sunshine Energy spend time with playful loving friends and family. Greet the sun each morning and drink up the healthy rays on a short walk. Enjoy warm nourishing foods and liquids. Avoid putting anything cold into your body, as this extinguishes Sunshine Energy significantly. Live Happy every day and your Sunshine Energy will continue to expand, along with your radiance!


Ehsida Bisset