Sunshine Absorbs Stress

Sunshine Energy Absorbs Stress

Stress depletes the body of vital energy needed for organs to function properly. When significant stress is introduced, the body must extend more life force,( Sunshine Energy) to keep it working. If stress continues, life force, inner heat, vital organ energy and positive emotions evaporate. This may lead to illness, debilitating fatigue and often depression.

Adding more Sunshine Energy into your life during stressful periods can counteract the detrimental aspects of stress. Five minutes out in the morning sun drinking up the suns healing energy can nourish every cell. Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine texts, as well as Qi Gong masters and Sang Wa practitioners all show great reverence for the miracle healing qualities of the suns warming, rejuvenating energy.

The ancients claim Sunshine Energy is imperative to wholeness and well being. Consuming foods filled with Sunshine Energy also increases our vitality and energy level. Freshly harvested fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables all contain large quantities of Sunshine Energy. Enjoy the energy of the sun in a balanced way, (never too much at once,) and life itself will mirror the gentle loving qualities of a warm spring morning.



Ehsida Bisset









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