The Art of Balance


A calm and balanced mind is strong and productive;
a hurried and agitated mind is weak and destructive. 

   The art of balancing stones is very similar to how we balance life.  In deep  contemplation, feeling into all aspects of self, merging with the in breath and out breath, noticing how your life force touches your surroundings, how it affects others; how they respond; what they are made of, how they affect you. What requires more energy, what is worth investing in, and what must be released. 

True balance creates symmetry,
beauty, sustainable wealth, 
health, vitality, unifying love
and often what appears to be miracles.

Some things won’t balance because they are not meant to. Existence is simply showing us we can’t force anything and something much better awaits.

True balance and inner peace WILL create miracles,
yet inner chaos can topple everything we’ve worked for. Make peace a priority every day. 

May you cultivate an inner tranquility that produces miracles in all aspects of your life. 


The great thing in the world is not so much to seek happiness
as to earn peace and self-respect.

~Thomas Huxley