The Battle Within


The human brain has 100 billion neurons,
each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons.
Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated
object in the known universe.

~Michio Kaku

   The human mind arises from three basic brain systems. Two Mammalian brains and one smaller Reptilian brain. The Mammalian brain is the seat of good judgement, integrity, empathy, bonding, kindness, compassion, memory, high morals, tenderness and heart felt interactions. The Mammalian brain activates our senses, allowing us to be affected by life and therefore, become affectionate beings.

   A dolphin represents a pure Mammalian brain. Dolphins carry their young in the womb, give birth, feed, cuddle, care for and nurture their babies. They protect their young from predators and spend most of their time playing with and teaching their young how to enjoy life. Dolphins are highly intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, loving, playful and sensuous. Dolphins enjoy foreplay and make love with each other. There is no hierarchy between dolphins. They live happily and playfully together in a large family that travels together. If one dolphin is injured or missing, the entire pod feels it and moves to remedy the situation. Mammalian DNA is always evolving and transforming into stronger structures to adapt with evolution.

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The most ancient part of the human brain is known as the R-complex or Reptilian brain; linked with fear and survival.

   The Komodo Dragon represents a pure Reptilian brain. Komodo Dragons lay eggs and often eat the eggs before they hatch or wait for the babies to hatch and eat them fresh from the shell. Surviving babies instinctively run to the nearest tree and climb to the tallest branch to avoid being eaten by their parents or other relatives. Dragons do not bond, cuddle, protect, feed or nurture their young. If another dragon is killed or goes missing, it may be viewed as a relief due to less competition for food and power.

   There is a very clear hierarchy amongst the dragon community. The dominant male – always the most brutal fighter of the clan – claims the highest rock with the most sun to establish his territory and all the females and food within his range. Dragons do not display any empathy, compassion, playfulness or love. Dragons use sex and fighting to dominate. Sex between dragons can lead to death. Reptilians can mutate from a male body into a female body depending on environment and necessity, yet their DNA never evolves beyond its current limitations.

   Basically, we have two warring opposites living within our brain. The Gentle Mammal and the Dominating Reptile. The Dolphin and the Komodo Dragon. The loving empathic playful self and the fearful dominating survivalist. In fact, you could say the pleasure centers of the Mammalian brains have been turned upside down in the Reptile brain. What brings pleasure to the Dolphin brings agony to the Reptile and vice versa.

   Every choice we make in life influences which part of the brain we strengthen and which part becomes more dormant. This includes our career, the partner and friends we choose, thoughts we think,  food we eat,  books we read, and the activities we take part in etc. Every moment we are helping to strengthen or weaken the Mammalian brain or the Reptilian brain within us.

   Unfortunately, most of the influences in mainstream life via television, movies, entertainment, news, best selling books, advertising, music, fast food, children’s books, video games, artificial intelligence, competition, presidential elections, and the basic structure of the planet is rooted in strengthening and stimulating the Reptilian brain. This inevitably leads to more warring, conflict, chaos, disharmony and pain without evolution; not only in the world, but within ourselves and our relationships.

   For example, the Reptilian brain is associated with oral aggression. If there is unresolved pain, trauma or anger within, the Reptilian brain will force this aggression through the mouth. Yelling, screaming, blaming, cursing, and other vile verbal behavior, inappropriate eating, gum or tobacco chewing, sucking on candy, smoking, drinking, drugs etc. are often tied to suppressed trauma that has activated the Reptilian brain.

   Many claim to want peace in the world, yet peace begins within. It begins by making choices to strengthen the Mammalian brain. The Reptilian brain is based in dominating and destroying anything outside the self, even if this involves destroying the self. The Reptile brain never evolves beyond this. It’s up to us to learn how to access the Mammalian brain and strengthen our Mammalian tendencies if we truly want peace, love and evolution on earth.

   Stay tuned next week for useful tips about the brain and helpful actions to strengthen the more gentle and intelligent side of our behavior, and how to inspire this in others.

Ehsida Bisset

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