The Bird Song

Bird songs turn to magic in my heart

   The birds were playfully singing as I sat comfortably in meditation following their sweet melody within. Then, without explanation their songs stopped and all was silent. Instantly, a white spiral staircase appeared inside my mind. I began descending the steps into a pinkish white room where my inner child was playfully exploring an old tree trunk that had been severed and burnt.

   I asked my inner child where we were and she said we were inside my heart. I asked her what the tree trunk represented and she said it was a scar; a physical and energetic scar holding the frequency of a time when I was emotionally “burnt,” and “cut off” from life.

   Suddenly I felt my physical body become hungry. Usually I would get up and feed it something nourishing and light, but this time I knew it was an escape. This scar was deep and old and not something I wanted to deal with. It was scary and sad and somewhat forbidden from my conscious mind.

   I asked my inner child to help me. We went back in time before this seed took root and changed it’s very nature together. Now, instead of being a seed of pure innocence, we chose to plant a wise and powerful seed that could transform any outer influence from dark to light and maintain its innocence as it grew wiser, stronger, more beautiful and alive.

   We watched the seed grow with greater power and strength until we reached the moment in time when the previous tree had been cut down and burnt. We heard the words that were used as a saw, (I hate you.) We felt the tree’s emotions that had been used as fire, (I may as well die,) and we looked more deeply at the truth, knowing our favorite tree was meant to live a long and healthy happy life. We changed the meaning of the cutting words to, “I’m afraid.” The tree sent “the frightened person,” compassion and grew stronger, taller, more beautiful and alive.

   My inner child whispered into the tree with great tenderness, “ We love you. We believe in you!” I held her hand as she patted the tree affectionately. We watched the tree grow stronger as it filled with greater purpose and vitality. The roots moved deeper, the branches shot up higher. It began to glow with a force field so bright and powerful nothing unlike love could approach it.

   My inner child, the grand tree and I merged inside my heart, feeling exuberant and free. Suddenly, birds all around in nature began to sing again, announcing joyful new beginnings. This healing was complete.

Every bird, tree and blade of grass recognize your soul.
Nature sees your wounds and it wants more than ever to help and heal.
Listen to the birds and allow their songs to activate 
 who you are ready to be now.

Story by Ehsida Bisset