The Confession



   In the early 80’s I was blessed with the acquaintance of a very distinguished gentleman who I will refer to as Prescott. Extremely well educated, he took it upon himself to tutor me in areas of reason and practicality. When I brought up topics he was unfamiliar with, they were immediately discarded if I had no substantial support to my claims. The only credible sources, according to Prescott, were government, respected media, the church, and science. All other sources he dismissed as “hear say.” Being innately innocent in my thinking, he helped me become more discerning.

   30 years into our friendship he shocked me with a memory a man of such a conservative background would rarely admit. A wee bit of wine may have encouraged his confession.

   He recalled being three years of age, standing up in his crib looking beyond the french doors of his bedroom into the garden and feeling absolute panic. There, behind the open french doors stood a 7 foot tall green being staring back at him. He screamed at the top of his lungs until his elder sister came to his side, and the large green Mantid type figure disappeared.

   Prescott is a very well respected man, holding a profoundly responsible position within society. This is not something he would make up or play around with, so I took his words very seriously and suggested perhaps it was an E.T.?”

   His reply was, “Don’t be ridiculous. Extra Terrestrials don’t exist.”

   “What are the chances,” I questioned, “That out of one hundred thousand stars, one hundred billion galaxies, and infinite universes we are the only intelligent life ?”

   Prescott was unconvinced.

   “Fish probably don’t know humans exist, yet we are definitely abducting fish whenever we feel like it.” I continued. “Perhaps there are fish in the sea telling some pretty tall tales about being captured, photographed, measured and thrown back into the water, only to be ostracized by the fishy society for telling such a tall tale.

   What about fish that are snagged and eaten? Are there fish detectives in the sea searching for Tommy Trout and little Bessy Seabass with a team of FBI fish agents trying to get to the bottom of these mysterious abductions that occur when the oval shaped ships are seen on the surface of the water?

   Globally 607 people go missing EVERY DAY never to be seen again. That is 221,555 people who seem to disappear off the face of the earth every year. Where are they all going? Over 4.4 million people are “reported” missing around the world each year. (Although no site agreed upon the total numbers, this is an average figure based on twenty-one sites in July 2016) Many who are found have no recollection of where they have been. 

   Prescott was truly unimpressed and unmoved by these figures.

   Personally, I have never shaken hands with an Extra Terrestrial, so I can’t verify they exists. I was simply playing my typical open ended side to his typical detective Scully (X-Files character) side.

   I decided to do some research for “reliable – credible” sources Prescott might trust and I was shocked by the plethora of information I discovered via government officials, astronauts, church, highly regarded media and science. My next post will cover what I found. 


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