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The Culmination

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up,
instead of what they have to gain.”

~Rick Godwin

   The close of 2019 may be more of a global finale than previous years, as the stars are aligned to mimic or remind us of a specific lesson we endured in the year 2000, and again in 2010 and 2011 and once again in 2018 if we did not weed out the root of the problem way back in 2000 and nip it in the bud. Even if the characters in your play have changed, the familiar displeasure of the lesson may have not, and this is what is coming to a close.

   The astrological influences for the next three weeks will highlight patterns, beliefs, wounds and habits we refused to acknowledge about ourselves and others during those years, culminating in epic epiphanies and climactic completion that may lead to a total release of old behaviors that facilitated your demise, defeat, diminishment, loss or depression during those times, as well as a surreal awakening to people places and things that no longer serve your highest good. 

The things we don’t change end up changing us

   Some may have allowed fear to get in the way of a better life, feeling not capable, not good enough, not lovable, not deserving, or not strong or powerful enough to attain what they wanted…or to walk away from the unwanted. Others may have put money, prestige or the status quo above health, truth, love and happiness.

   With the culmination of higher realizations peaking at this time, you will recognize clearly that you deserve more, and you will feel lit up; ready to step into your true potential and accept the life you have yearned for; owning the truth… that you are far more powerful, capable, worthy, important and loved than you believed in the past. 

   2020 is after all, clear vision, enabling us to see things in the correct balance, the correct focus. Not only will you comprehend your own experiences more deeply, you will sense what the other person, place or thing is really about. You will see through the veils of illusion more vividly, step outside of the box boldly and open the doors to a vast new experience where the painful patterns of the past no longer have any place in your life. Done!

   Awareness of this transit is what makes this possible. Look back at 2000, 2010, 2011, 2018 and even 2019 and make a note of what no longer works for you; what behaviors and beliefs about yourself, others and life you want to release once and for all, as well as what you are no longer willing to put up with, agree to or deny.

   Many will break contracts, finalize divorces, release friends, move, change jobs, cut back, say NO, quit addictions, refuse to be a victim or martyr; call people out on their bad behavior, or at least discontinue rewarding bad behavior. Almost all awakened people will reinvent themselves in some monumental way after the affects of this alignment.

   Take this opportunity to feel your true worth and step into a life that allows you to shine, to feel loved and to live your highest worth, greatest success and most fulfilling daily experiences.

Blessings for a riveting ending of the old and a breathtaking beginning of the ecstatic new!


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”