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The “Element” Of Change

“The tides are in our veins.”
~ Thomas Fuller

  Water is said to hold the mystery of our soul and the creational force of the mother. Many of you have read Dr. Emoto’s books on water crystal experimentation, and have seen the glowing images of beautiful snowflake structures as the result of sending loving thoughts into water, proving human consciousness has an effect on water molecules.  

Water crystal before positive thought

Water crystal creation from Happiness

Water crystal creation from Gratitude

   The average human body is made up of between 50 – 65% water, although some say it’s much higher than that. Every thought you have determines if you are beautiful or ugly, weak or strong, healthy or ill, based on how your frequency impresses the water in your body.

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”
~ Slovakian proverb

   Make it a priority every day to purify, beautify and upgrade the water molecules in your body. Listen to uplifting music while you breathe deeply and visualize your healthiest, happiest most vibrant form, while imagining glorious and wonderful things throughout the day.

   Send love to your drinking water, your shower and bath water, and bless the oceans, lakes and rivers with healing love. Infuse the rain and snow with your happiest and most loving energy and kiss the cumulus clouds with playful joy.  

   If every human sent love to the water around the world at one time, the entire planet would transform immediately. That’s science, not a dream.

“If there is magic on this planet, it’s contained in water.”
~ Loren Eiseley

Ehsida Bisset