The Eternal

The body dies,
Yet the spirit remains. 
Invest in the eternal
It is ‘one with you’ always.

   As the dark eon ends, flailing in its last death throws over the coming years, life as we’ve known it will continue to change. 

   For those who have been more focused on physical proof, science, ego fulfillment and the old mental way of processing life; void of any focus on the soul, this could be a very frustrating time, as life will not work the way it used to. The distance between the old distorted universal laws and the re-instated organic way of manifesting will continue to bifurcate.

   Relying solely on the mind (intellect, reasoning, rationalizing, analysis, dissecting, thinking, programming, societal beliefs & mass consciousness) alone, will inevitably lead a person astray. Those who cultivate empathic intuition, inner wisdom, heart felt choices and sensory living are already beginning to lead the way.

   Most of humanity still operates from the personality or ego, which is a construct based in fear and survival, eliminating the ability to make conscious choices with clarity, a sincere heart, empathy, deep wisdom, or love for the self and others, often leading to a chaotic life and/or illness.


When we rely solely on the programmed mind
we are at risk of giving more power to our fears, 
negative thoughts, addictions, and pain. 

When we partner with our soul, 
we invest in cultivating
all the good we could receive with ease.


  As we spend time developing a connection with the spirit and higher self, we become free from negative thoughts, reactiveness, and emotional and physical suffering. 

  The following meditation was created as a support for those ready to partner with their soul and live sovereign and free in the emerging golden age.

Best to listen before sleep


May all hearts love with the wisdom of the soul