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The Exhale

   When the guardian planets of the north and south nodes shift, this is equivalent to receiving a new set of Global parents, and this will happen May 5th. If planets were people, I would say we will be exchanging a very serious, dogmatic, stern and unforgiving set of guardians, and being blessed with more creative, and communicative parents who make us feel breakthroughs are possible.

   This is very good news as we peak in this phase of what we might call NO TIME, traversing the ending of multiple cycles… in an exhale…awaiting an inhale of the new era. This exhale requires the release of old limitations, illusions and restrictions that have held humanity in tedious cycles that have limited our organic expansion and innate inner fulfillment.

   The timing of our inhale or reset is up to the collective.
It will depend on how many people perceive clearly what this world is and what is transpiring.
Often, it is our preconceived notions of circumstances that hinder our ability to overcome them.

   With Venus Squaring Neptune beginning May 4th, many could begin to experience a rather odd sense of existing outside of time, with lapses of no thought, as though the mind itself is being taken off line, much like turning your computer off to clear negative programming or glitches, and turning it back on for a fresh clean start.

   Neptune is our friend, pointing the way to higher planes of awareness and happier experiences, yet we can still get in our own way. Luckily, the planets and stars have arranged a special treat for us, to literally put the mind mechanism on hold very gently so we learn how to rely on the truth in our heart; our feelings and intuition to perceive reality from a new medium void of old programs and illusions. The truth WILL set us free, and the truth is what we must seek.

Blessings for a Miraculous May overflowing with the freedom and expansiveness of Spring.


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