The Feather

    Many people are going through challenging times right now as our “personal reset” buttons are being pressed, igniting our most intense fears and negative belief systems, to be purged once and for all.

   Please know you are not alone. There really are angels and guides and light helpers out there who love you; always eager to uplift and make your life better.

   This untouched video was filmed on my hike Friday afternoon. May it give you a feeling that goodness is all around.

    The next few weeks could be a time of “cleaning house” and “information upgrades.”  Please remember, almost EVERYONE is going through something challenging right now, so don’t take anything personally. BREATHE before you say anything to anyone and you can make this exciting adventure peaceful, riveting and transformational.


You are very loved!


Ehsida Bisset 



Astrology: Cosmic Intelligence Agency

Lorna Brevan