The Forbidden La-Goon

   Once upon a time a Light Being went dancing off into a glowing multiverse of pure exuberance to enjoy a new experience in a fresh reality. Venturing further and further from home, it found a lush green paradise with turquoise waters and powder white sand with florescent pink, purple, orange and yellow fishies and happy beings to play and dance and sing with. Life was grand…as always. 

    Off in the distance there were deeper waters surrounding a smaller earthy island with a strange looking bridge leading across a La-Goon. The Light Being asked the elders what was there and they all fell to their knees covering their ears. We don’t speak of that place. We don’t go to that place. Avoid it at all cost and PLEASE don’t mention it again.

   More excited than ever for a new and great adventure, the Light Being grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and off they skipped to an unknown journey to discover the Mystery of the forbidden La-Goon.  

   When they arrived on the bridge they both felt a bit strange, but it was so intriguing they were curious and stepped deeper and deeper into the jungle. Suddenly they came upon a creature they had never conceived of before slithering up a large tree. 

   “Come here little ones, I have a special treat for you; an experience like no other; the one and only experience of  duality, something you won’t find anywhere else in creation. Here you will have thoughts and emotions and something called pain and pleasure. You will have drama and suspense and independence and challenge and victory. To under-stand fully, you must absorb the Tree of Knowledge.”

    With tremendous excitement they both bit into a juicy red apple dangling from the Tree and suddenly found themselves feeling dizzy and weak. Falling to earth they grasped their chests as their spirits flew out of their hearts to escape the unknown experience of pain.  In darkness, they reeled on the ground wondering what they had gotten themselves into and how long the experience would last.

   The slithering creature cackled with delight for it had just captured two beings of light, which was said could not be done.

   “Come with me and I’ll show you the ropes down here.” The creature said handing the two a new set of thought generators. “Put this on your head and you will experience uninterrupted chatter to eliminate all inner peace. This will help you forget about your heart and spirit so you don’t miss them so much. In fact, forget all about them, they wont be happy down here. This is the realm of knowledge. It’s all about thinking and hoping and wondering and fearing and praying and planning and scheming and cunning, but most of all, fearing.

   All mind things you could ever imagine exist down here to make you judgmental so you can fight with each other with real gusto and mean it. Do your best at this because the more miserable you are, the more you gain favor with the Slither Master.

   Here is a box. You put this in your hut and play it all day and all night. Believe everything it tells you and do as it says. This programming is very important. If you don’t follow along things will get much worse for you down here. No one likes an individual that goes against the program box.

   A paper will be delivered every morning to verify everything the box said. Make sure you read it every day to securely install the programming and deepen your fears and concerns.

   Think think think about all your concerns as much as you can. Never let your mind stop. The more you think the more timelines of drama you can create and the more fun you will find in judging, criticizing, blaming, condemning, controlling and gossiping. These will become your favorite pass-times.

   Never ever ever forget what time it is, under-stand as much as you can and most of all, fear everything you are told to fear. There is no place like this. You wont want to miss a thing.”

   “But how do we get out of this experience,” asked one of the Light Beings, rapidly losing more and more light and already missing home.

“That is for me to know and you to figure out. Think very very hard on that,” the creature said as it slithered away laughing.

   The two Light Beings felt cold for the first time in their existence. They discovered hunger and pain, anger and rage, betrayal and abandonment, separation and judgement and most of all, thoughts. They thought about everything, which triggered very strong emotions which leaked their light profusely, losing gallons and gallons of sparkling luminous particles every second, and suddenly they knew fear and what is felt like to be separate from their Source, their own light. The more they thought, complained and focused on their doldrums, the more they hurt, and the more they merged with the darkness of this strange new experience.

   “This is not what I imagined,” said one unhappy dimming dwindling dying Light Being to the other. “I just want to go home.” 

   “Me too,” cried the other diminishing Light Being. “This is all your fault. You are the one with the bright idea to go to the distant island with the La-Goon. I didn’t even want to go.”

“Well, you were the one who took the first bite of the apple. I don’t even like fruit. It’s all your fault.”

   And as they felt more separate they became denser and heavier and very very tired, dreary, dark and weak. Slowly, slowly, they forgot who they were and went along with whatever the box programmed them to do, which was always confirmed by their morning paper. 

   One bitter December eve in the pit of doom and gloom, the Light Beings noticed a star appear in the sky that was brighter than any other. As they felt its rays penetrate the dark jungle they sensed a gentle comfort emanating from its light.

   The next day one of the Light Beings saw a hummingbird flitting from one honey suckle flower to the next with so much joy and vitality it triggered a memory of home, and for a glimmer of a moment he remembered what it was like before he entered the darkness of duality and what it was like to exist outside of time. Then, like a bolt of lightening, awakening struck and the dim being realized how to return home.

   “We are trapped here by our own thoughts. Our thoughts power up these timelines that hold so much pain and suffering and without our thoughts and memories they can’t exist. All we have to do is go back to living in our hearts in the moment so our spirit can come back to us and take us home.”

   “But I have not seen my spirit in eons. How will it find me?” Asked a weary watered down Light Being.

   “We just call our spirits back into our hearts and asks them to take us home.”

   Like toddlers learning how to ride a bike for the first time, they felt foolish not remembering their own spirit. They called their light back and their spirits came closer. They called again and again and again and sparkles of lost light from their spirits merged with their hearts with great celebration. Each day they called in more light from their spirits, and each day they both felt warm and comforted for the first time since they had entered duality.

   This was quite disturbing to the slithering creatures as the Light Beings were no longer leaking out the expected quota of light.  The box in their hut was immediately re-programmed with more divide and conquer propaganda to pit the two Light Beings against each other, and for added confusion and depression, the Slitherer’s made hummingbirds out to be death rays that were never to be glanced upon without fear of annihilation within seconds. Never ever ever look at a hummingbird, played over and over and over again on the box, and first thing Monday morning the headline papers announced to never ever ever look at a hummingbird. Confirmed! Hummingbirds were very dangerous to glance at.

   This confused and scared the Light Beings so much their spirits instantly jumped out of their bodies again.

   “Come back come back come back,” the Light Beings both cried to their spirits.

   “We can not come back,” the two spirits said in unison. “We cannot exist in fear, judgement or pain. If you want us to come back into your hearts and bring you home you will have to live in peace. We can only exist in this density to retrieve you while the star remains in the sky to protect us. When the window of the star light closes, we won’t return for 2000 years.”

   With great determination to make it home the two dimmed down withering Light Beings did the very best they could. They brought their energy into their hearts and remained peaceful and calm and neutral to all the things that would normally bother and scare them and their spirits came closer. And while the Light Beings slept, without a thought in their minds, their spirits merged once again with their hearts.

   In the morning the Light Beings felt a glimmer of love and unity and kindness for each other, and their spirit light became brighter and brighter. And as they loved more and celebrated their light and inner peace, their light grew stronger and stronger.

   As if they had grown wings, the Light Beings rose up and out of the darkness, soon finding themselves back in the turquoise waters by the white sandy beach of their previous adventure, grabbing the sand and kissing the water with more appreciation than they had ever known.

   “No more apples for me,” sang the rejuvenated Light Being. I have endured enough knowledge, thoughts, emotions, captors and time. Now where were we? Oh yes, we were singing with the birds and humming with the trees in paradise.”

    And they lived happily ever after from one new adventure to the next, never choosing duality, thinking or darkness ever again.