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The House of Cards

“Mad Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”
“… I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”
“I haven’t the slightest idea,” said the Hatter”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

   As much as I enjoy imaginary things, Alice’s discombobulating Wonderland of hookah smoking caterpillars, narcissistic playing cards, and rabbit holes that turn into time-space portals, left me feeling a bit anxious for poor little Alice as a child, wondering how she would manage surrounded by instability and nonsensical things that changed with the tip of a top hat. 

Being able to trust
that life is ‘safe and stable’

   In 1996 the CIA released the Declassified Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual on how to create a world of fear, terror, anxiety and dread. You can purchase this or look it up on line thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. It’s a legitimate document outlining…among other things, interrogation tactics the CIA applied…or applies.

According to the Counterintelligence Interrogation manual, a technique from 1963 called
The Alice in Wonderland Tactic was put into play. 

   This technique involves three or more interrogators all asking nonsensical and irrational questions to the subject in close proximity of time. At first the subject may laugh at the illogical cross-examination. Then they may become saddened by the annoyance, inhumanity and absurdity of the interrogators. Then they may become angry and lash out or rebel, and eventually buckle, willing to do and say anything to make the insanity stop. 

Nonsense wears down our boundaries, clarity and sovereignty  

   Similarly, A boss at work may ask an employee to pick up supplies and when the employee returns with the goods, the boss may claim they never ordered the supplies and make the employee pay for the time away and the supplies. This is another form of disorientation, because the employee is now in shock, saddened, angry, and confused, leading them to become more vulnerable and weak, and interestingly, more easily manipulated and subservient to the boss if they remain at the job.  This is one way mind control is easily established according to the CIA outlines. There are many people and organizations that employ these tactics to gain power and control over others. I share this information for your protection.

   You may have a partner, friend or family member you love and trust, then one day discover they have done something that rips your world apart. This can cause such extreme sadness, heartbreak, anger and confusion that life as you’ve known it may collapse like a house of cards, debilitating your coherence. This level of devastation can revert any human to the age of 3, causing them to seek stability and safety from their environment, where they can be easily manipulated by an abuser.

Stress, the unforeseen and trauma 
 weakens every aspect of our being very quickly

   Unfortunately, it’s not just controlling factions that agitate and alarm the Central Nervous System. Life itself has become quite confusing, stressful and chaotic to say the least, and the average nervous system is basically fried by the end of each day, often urging us to sooth with alcohol, drugs, sugar, gossip, lying, sex without love, marathon texting, or television etc., which can harm the CNS even more, setting us up for more vulnerability and complacency as life moves forward.

  This visualization is offered as a friend along your path to anchor inner stability as we ride the chaotic waves of change into 2020.



With great love 





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