The Invisibility Equation

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We are perceivers.  We are an awareness;
We are not objects;  We have no solidity.  We are boundless.
The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient.

Don Juan

   In Michael Talbot’s book, THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE, he shares a story about a party he attended at his father’s house in which a hypnotist had been hired as entertainment. The hypnotist called on a friend of Michael’s at the party named Tom. After a very short while it was clear that the hypnotist’s subject, Tom, was in a deep trance. The crowd watched as Tom took a bite out of a potato, and crunched away with obvious enjoyment due to being told it was a juicy apple. He also glanced around with glee at a giraffe he had been made to believe inhabited the room. The hypnotist then suggested that Tom would not be able to see his daughter Laura, once he came out of the trance, insisting Laura would be completely invisible to him.

   The hypnotist then positioned Laura directly in front of Tom and brought him out of his trance. Tom was asked if he could see his daughter Laura anywhere in the room. Tom glanced around searching for a moment and then replied, “No.” This caused Laura to laugh out loud, but Tom gave no indication he could hear her laughter, although she was standing directly in front of him. The hypnotist suggested once again that Tom search very hard for Laura, and after a much more thorough search, Tom was still unable to locate her.

   The hypnotist then stood behind Laura so he was out of Tom’s direct view, pulled a small clock from his pocket and held it against Laura’s back. He then asked Tom if he could identify the object he was holding. Tom leaned forward as if staring right through Laura’s stomach and identified it as a watch. The hypnotist nodded and asked Tom if he could read the inscription on the watch. Tom squinted to make it out and then read the name and inscription on the watch out loud. The hypnotist then passed the watch around to the rest of the guests, allowing them to see that Tom had been correct. It was not until the hypnotist gave another command that Tom was able to see his daughter standing right in front of him, which shocked him to no end.

   When Michael Talbot spoke with his friend afterward, Tom substantiated that his daughter had truly been absolutely invisible to him. He had no way of explaining it. This experience launched Michael Talbot on a very interesting path of research and discovery that led him to the works of acclaimed scientists, such as Bohm and Pribram, who pointed to the holographic nature of this universe.

   In 1982 a landmark experiment performed by a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics in Paris, demonstrated that the web of subatomic particles that compose the very fabric of reality itself, possesses what appears to be an undeniable “holographic” property. Following this strain of work, many scientists accumulated unequivocal evidence that the mind can psychically interact with physical reality and that through mental concentration alone, human beings are able to affect matter through thought.

   The structure of what we “perceive,” corresponds with our current belief system and how our senses reflect stimuli. If a hypnotist can make a person “believe” something, that “something” will become their experience.

   When you believe in a certain reality, visualize it clearly each day and feel the emotions that vision will render, your subconscious begins to “believe,” this is real. The subconscious cannot detect any difference between real or imagined, it simply projects and receives the vision it believes to be true within the hologram of life.

We are far more powerful than we know.

   If you visualize, imagine and feel the experience of the life you prefer, your subconscious mind will begin to believe this is real and eventually your holographic reflection will mirror these new beliefs as your reality.

   Do not focus on  problems, or on getting healthy, getting in shape, getting more love or wealth etc.


Imagine and experience the feelings you would have if your preferences already existed,
then move through life joyfully experiencing them as real.

June, 2016  Ehsida Bisset


Mysticism And The New Physics, Beyond The Quantum, and The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot