The Invitation

When a young child is asked to play in the kitchen sink with a parent, an adventure ensues. Suds come alive with giggles that reveal magic kingdoms beneath the surface of a soapy sea. Courageous bubbles escape on rogue wind storms created by sweet puckered three year old lips. They surf across the counter and explode into colorful rainbow mermaids that swish and wiggle back to the hidden kingdom of sparkling treasures below. Once the dishes are all washed, another joyful chapter in the mystical land of dishes and foam is complete.

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If a happy child is asked to tidy their room, stuffed animals spring to life ready to bounce balls back into treasure chests, and tinker toys are driven back into their proper place.

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Pillow hopping races round up scattered clothing from the floor, crossing the finish line into a big party room where mud and debris mingle and chat about their next great adventure in the playground.

pillow hoping

bears in jeans

“Chores” don’t exist to a child who remains connected to the higher realms of  adventure; only creative possibilities for fun. As we move through the years we often lose this connection, but it’s easy to get it back.

Next time you have a chore to accomplish, reset your celebration factor to that of a healthy happy child.

If you’re asked to drive a friend to the airport or pick your child up from school, transform into a secret happiness 007 agent. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be adding extra fun and joy to all you encounter along the way.


The next time you take a bath, every cell in your body may transform into a child again, allowing all worldly concerns to wash down the drain.

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Launch your relationship worries out to sea on colorful, yet invisible balloons and walk away open to the magic in the air, ready to love with all your heart again.

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Every cup of coffee or tea you drink is filled with happy fairy blessings that add miracles to your day with each sip.

You’re imagination and creativity are formally and cordially invited to playfully attend the celebration of life in each moment.

April 2016, Ehsida 

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