The Meeting

True lovers need no religion,
they have become love itself.
What more could there be?

   A young maiden finished her chores for the day with great excitement knowing she was now free to meet her lover. Without brushing her hair or checking the mirror, she ran with all her might through the forest to be with him. 

   On the way a very devout Sannyasin sat by a tree praying and chanting, as he had done every day for the past twenty two years, and 3 days. In her passion the young maiden tripped over a pile of prayer books he had laying next to the tree.

   The girl rose apologized and bowing in respect, “Please forgive me great Sidhu, my heart has blinded me to all that is in the way of reaching my lover.”

    The Sanyassin rose with indignation, degrading the young maiden for disturbing his prayers. She bowed once again, blessed him and ran on to be with her lover; taking nothing with her from her meeting, as the love in her heart filled all the space in her being.

   The Sanyassin slumped down beside the tree disgruntled, increasing his vexation as he brooded over this silly girl that had disturbed his prayers. Now his day would be ruined and it would be her fault.

Who was more prayerful?

   The illusion of this world has been that we can pray from the mind and ask a power outside of us for favors and inner peace.

   The truth is within your heart. Let your heart guide you to what you love with all the passion and light of your soul and the darkness of this world cannot touch you. All wishes are granted within.

Your heart knows the way
Run in that direction

~ Rumi