The Movie of All Movies


“A single event can awaken within us
a stranger totally unknown to us.
To live is to be slowly born.
~ Antoine de Saint-Exuper

   What if we were at this moment in time watching a movie called America, and we are now experiencing a short intermission, because part two has not yet begun.

   Let’s say the theme of the movie is really about parents reaching that difficult stage where they must explain the birds and bees (sex) to a child, but the child has no idea what they are talking about, so they don’t understand why it’s important.

   The child has seen lots of babies and pregnant women, but it never occurred to them to question the Stork Story and ponder how babies really come to be.

   With great love and preciousness, the parents take their time. They drop hints, they tell new stories, they show pictures, but they can’t really teach the child the most critical things now can they, because those come only with experience. The child will have to mature and develop interest and figure some of it out on their own. 

   What if we are that child and some things exist in this world we have no ability to comprehend. We have no experience of these unknowns; no context whatsoever, and possibly no interest because we don’t yet understand how important they are.



   We are almost at that point in the movie where the child discovers babies don’t come from storks.

But my story books all told me they did. Where do babies come from then,
and why did you trick me with a stork?”
“O.K., Here we go. You better sit down.”

   What is about to happen in America is like jumping from the idea that babies come from storks, to how babies are really created. I would say that will be quite a leap in consciousness.

The sooner we reach an awakening,
the sooner we can get to the more enjoyable parts of the movie, and not before.

   Some extraordinarily loving beings have been very carefully, very tenderly, very slowly and meticulously allowing things to play out to give people a chance to gently comprehend what has been… incomprehensible. Things that are not written in lie-brary books or spoken about on the news. However, in spite of all this care and effort, many are still not interested.

What if that unknown, that one thing the child has no experience with,
is imperative to comprehending the entire plot and players in this movie,
and without that knowledge the child might make choices that severely harm themselves and the world?

   What if this movie was written long ago and showing now in theaters near you just to help the child see things, understand things play by play, blow by blow, to reveal what has been hidden; what has been unspoken; what has been covered up so it’s not such a shock when we come back from intermission? 

Watch! Listen! Wait! Listen some more!

   Uncharted territory ahead. Please pay VERY close attention throughout 2021.

I guarantee you, you have NEVER seen a movie like this before. 

With great love and care!