The Mysterious Essence Within

A wonderful fact to reflect upon…
Every being is created unique, remarkable and unrepeatable,
Remaining forever a profound and intriguing mystery to every other.

   As we move toward September, a change of season and Autumn Equinox, the energies entice us to move deep within, where hidden treasures await to be unveiled, cherished and expressed.

What is your sacred and mysterious inner gift that no other can convey?
What is your life signature, your song and your legacy to existence?

   Every sky, every feeling, every world and every soul
consists of a mysterious secret essence, incomparable and distinct. 

   Your most unique treasures of the soul have been on a time clock,
awaiting this new era to support you in the flourishing years ahead, 
revealing the unexpected role you came to play.

How will you share YOUR most significant piece of the masterpiece of life.



Image, songs, music and videos

by Jonna Jinton