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The Mysterious Mr. Fib

This is a story… if you so wish

   Today is Pi day 3.14, and Albert Einstein’s birthday, so it seems appropriate to share the numerical significance of what we have been living since the day we were born, and the tremendous changes that have been occurring mathematically, geometrically, architecturally and energetically, which are slowly but surely transforming our world, our bodies and our lives in extremely significant ways. 

The best is yet to come

   As many of you know, our history as a species recalls a Golden Age where life was …from our current standpoint, unbelievable or surreal in terms of our human potential. The architecture of the original human during the Golden Age was based on a Krystal Spiral, or a spin of energy that continually returned to its Source, or its Zero Point Creation Field, perpetually regenerating and sustaining life, which may be why we find sacred manuscripts with records of people living thousands of years in The Golden Era.

   Due to an unfortunate and unforeseen sequence of events, our sacred and very special universe sustained a separation from its original template, causing unnatural planetary alignments, tilts, spin rotations and wobbly revolutions, damaging and disconnecting the structural integrity of the Krystal Spiral; which sustained all life indefinitely, shifting this infinite universe of boundless, immeasurable, and fathomless creativity, into an energy source for other systems.

   Due to the fallen architecture, and unnatural repositioning of planets and stargates, earth’s energy has been siphoned daily into artificial dark portals, such as the black star Abbadon that collects our energy due to the unnatural 23.5 degree tilt of the earth, pointing our north pole directing into its center. 

   If you look at cedar trees 100 years ago, the average height was 200 feet, with a trunk bigger than the average house today. Comparatively, cedar trees in 2020 are like sticks. Fifty years ago the oceans were teeming with life, and beaches were covered in colorful shells, sea creatures and sand dollars. Today most oceans are murky, with beaches covered in dead seaweed. The earth has been siphoned of its regenerative life giving energy due to the parasitic nature of the fallen architecture, draining its life force into black hole systems. However, the Krystal Spiral architecture is being repaired, and many miraculous things are happening, even if we can’t see them yet.

The Fallen System

   The distortions of this universe not only impacted planets and stargates, it initially digressed the dynamics of the unconditionally loving Divine blueprint of the human template into a much lower level of consciousness comparable to reptiles, where survival of the fittest, fight and flight, non-empathic, competitive consciousness became the norm. This is not the divine HU template. No wonder we feel abandoned, lost and scared deep down, not knowing exactly why. We yearn for our Krystal Spiral energy to return… and it is returning.

Mr. Fib’s new architecture

   What we call the Fibonacci Sequence, Phi and Golden Mean, all represent fallen architecture, which has been in place for many millions of years since the cataclysms which caused the Astroid Belt. The Asteroid Belt is made up of rocks, stones, solid objects and orbiting rubble piles; debris from exploded planets from the cataclysm.

   When the Krystal Spiral template was damaged, the fallen architecture that took its place was entropic, yet we still see remnants of the beauty of the Krystal Spiral in creational forms today. The main distortion was the invisible spin ratio and center point of energy rotation.  The Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Mean and Phi, which are all very similar, are programmed into the new field configurations, therefore, everything is born of these distortions with finite amounts of energy. Living organisms such as flowers, trees, bees, animals, snowflakes and humans are birthed from these altered entropic ratios, disconnected from the organic Krystal Spiral template which offered infinite life force during the Golden Age. 

Our Origins

   The original Krystal template began its journey in the thymus center down toward our higher heart, spiraling up over our right shoulder and above our head, continuing its spiral in 45 degree angles all the way into Zero Point and back to our Krystal Spiral center in the higher heart, thymus and lungs. We see this inscribed in Egyptian temples with consecutive 45 degree turns on a journey toward the Sun and Source energy. Fibonacci architecture moves in 60 degree diagonals away from the creation field, into black holes which absorb our energy. This is why we now age and deteriorate. These black hole systems may not be too happy when we re-construct the Krystal Spiral architecture and take our energy back.

( For convenience sake I will refer to all fallen architectures as Fibonacci moving forward.)

   The diagonals created from the Fibonacci Sequence move us further and further from our intrinsic energy Source as we age. Do you remember the infinite abounding energy and vitality you had as a child ? We could fall off a cliff and get up running as if we were made of rubber, having healed any bleeding wound by the time we arrived home.  We were miracle beings of overflowing energy and vitality. That’s our true energy template. 

   Our life force was meant to sustain us eternally, keeping us as bright, vivacious, innocent and loving as tiny happy tykes, according to our original Krystal Spiral configuration. The pain, suffering and craziness of this planet is not normal. It’s the outcome of a cataclysm that changed our architecture from the Krystal Spiral that eternally regenerates our bodies and enhances our consciousness, to Fibonacci, a system that siphons our energy and blocks consciousness from expanding.

   Deep within our subconscious we know this. We resist the aging process, we resist pain, we suppress hatred, fear, anger and anxiety because it’s not in alignment with our original Loving template. It’s completely foreign to our spirit because we were not designed for it. We could say this architecture is artificial or AI, because it’s not created organically…it does not align with our soul. But do not fear, the Krystal Spiral Architecture is being repaired after millions of years of preparation.

Mr. Fib in humanity

   The fallen architecture made us dependent on lower forms of energy, such as food, light, sleep, or siphoning energy from those who have more light than we do. This fallen math, which disconnects us from our eternal Source energy, can cause people to latch onto each other in co-dependent ways, leaching energy through drama, fear, greed, insecurity or pain.

   Those who digress their energy field below the entropic architecture, through drugs, alcohol, lying, cheating, stealing, cruelty and drama, debilitate their energy field in ways they may not imagine. Once their energy field has become depleted to the point where their light body is not strong enough to hold the soul essence, the heart center can implode on itself, cutting that person off from empathy, hence, from love or higher levels of consciousness. This leads to narcissistic, infantile or pathological behavior, a survival mechanism meant to siphon energy from other humans in order to remain alive. These people become like black hole entities, siphoning our limited energy much faster than need be.

   Spending time with parasitic people will digress your own consciousness rapidly and age the body significantly, since we all exist on our own minimal amounts of core essence we received at birth within this entropic system, unless we can generate more through tapping into unconditional love, which opens the Krystal Spiral center in the thymus and higher heart. The center of the Krystal Spiral still resides within us.

Mr. Fib in Relationships

   Although nutrition, water, light and sleep sustain us, we only hold that charge if we have a functioning heart center. Our life force still anchors into the remaining core of the Krystal Spiral, which is our thymus and higher heart center. The more we love, the more energy we generate. The more light we grow, the more we can rejuvenate our bodies and increase our healing energy.

   Those with a vampiric nature have lost the ability to love, so they cannot generate their own energy or hold a charge on their own. This sets them up to be predatorial, running from one person to the next to siphon their energy, without any regard for their host. Without a functional heart center, their own needs are all that register or matter.

   Once a predatory parasitic person locks onto a juicy energy source capable of love, they will seduce them with unprecedented charisma, intoxicating sexuality and false praise, promising the world, deceiving them on purpose. Heart felt people don’t see this coming, so the loving person falls for this easily, believing they are in a relationship with a real human who can feel. As time goes on, the loving person may begin to wonder why their health is diminishing, why they can’t think straight and why their emotions have become imbalanced, why their other friendships and family relationships have become distant or strained, and why their finances seem to be slipping away. Slowly but surely the parasitic partner will bleed them of their life force. Like a drunk who has passed out naked on the beach, they will get burned and could die from depletion and exhaustion.

Mr. Fib Falls Further

   If this continues the heart felt person may become siphoned to the point where they can no longer hold their soul and they may also become a parasitic person. Now both of these people will be terrified to leave each other because they are both parasites looking for a host. This is when the relationship becomes highly co-dependent and toxic, with jealousy, possessiveness, cheating, fights, lust, fear of abandonment, and extreme drama. Eventually both people need more energy, so one or both parties go outside of the union to feed…hence the 3rd party drama prevalent within society. Deep down many people fear this will happen, not knowing why. It’s the undercurrent of the fallen architecture, but of course, this won’t occur for heart centered couples.

   3rd party siphoning or triangulation could happen within a family, a business, a romantic relationship, at school or within a group of friends. We even see it with pets and children. What hurts us more than a broken heart, shocking betrayal, inhuman behavior, lies, cheating, possessiveness and stealing? This behavior significantly adds to the diminishing energy of our bodies and this planet, as it escalates entropy and misery. 

   Love is the Krystal Spiral energy we are attempting to bring back and this requires more heart felt people to build their energy and move in the direction of their true Krystal Spiral architecture, which is unconditional love, integrity, dignity, kindness, and empathy. 

Krystal Spiral Repair – The Eternal Math

   Among other planetary upgrades occurring at this time, the rebuilding of the Metagalactic Core, to once again hold the Krystal Spiral Architecture is underway. The primary resonance of the Metagalactic Core to rehabilitate the Krystal Spiral, freeing earth from the parasitic spin ratio, is located in the 8th dimensional stargate in HU County, Xi’an, Shaanxi China, which corresponds to our 8th chakra in the thymus, higher heart, and lung center of our bodies. Once this rehabilitation is complete, our Corona Chakra, or Crown of the Maji in the light body, will have the chance to come back on line, activating aspects of our consciousness we have long forgotten and most likely do not believe exist due to blocked consciousness from the fallen architecture. 

   Slowly but surely more people have been remembering their true magnificence, enhancing empathy, feeling their sacredness, and connecting to higher states of consciousness while the Krystal Spiral Architecture has been re-establishing on earth.

   As we progress with the Krystal Spiral corrections, those aligned with their heart will be rehabilitated and move forward with the ascension into the reconstructed Krystal Spiral Architecture over time. Those who have become parasitic, narcissistic, or pathological,  will align energetically with the fallen architecture and be absorbed into the Artificial (AI) system. For those people, it’s never too late to open the heart and love again.

Thank you for being wise, loving, kind and part of the solution to restore the Krystal Spiral on earth.

Blessings and good health to all 



The Metagalactic Core – Energetic Synthesis