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The Myth of Life

Three things cannot long be hidden;
The Sun, The Moon and The Truth

~ Confucius

   In college I studied a very spiritual art form called Architecture. Still have my text book from my favorite class, History of Art, although it’s a little worse for wear.

   My instructor, Gray Adams, was a very rare soul. He knew things I imagine not many others know, and loved to share his wisdom through stories, symbolism, riddles, poems, songs, silent nods and forbidden insights passed to him throughout his vast travels.

   One famous myth in particular left me spellbound and deeply mystified for many years until I moved to Los Angeles and saw first hand what it all meant. Gray handed me puzzle pieces, better known as myths and symbols, and today I present for you how these pieces fit together.

   All myths and ancient stories are symbolic, riddled with secret messages from the forgotten or erased past; tiny hints for those who have interest in our roots, and the true potential of HUmanity.

   The story of Isis and Osiris is a complicated one. Osiris is a representation of the Divine Father and Isis, the Divine Mother. Osiris has a brother Set. Set is another word for Satan. Set is jealous of Osiris so he chops him into 13 pieces and scatters his parts across the multiverse.

   Isis, the Divine Holy Mother, travels far and wide to recover her husbands body parts, finding all but his phallus. She fashioned a new phallus to her liking out of gold, and merged the pieces of his body back together again with her love; her creative birthing power. In modern stories it is said she made love with Osiris and had a child; Horus, but according to the most ancient wisdom, Horus was actually Osiris in his new form, almost invincible due to the wisdom of his past.

   Set becomes livid at the sight of Horus, and an historic fight ensues, as Set once again does his best to destroy God. This is the eternal fight between dark and light, good and evil and not a myth at all.

Light (Horus) is perpetually interested in creativity,
unity, truth, happiness, life and Love.
Darkness (Set) is focused on destruction,
separation, deceit, suffering, debauchery and death.

   Horus successfully sends Set to the underworld, but before his defeat, Set managed to take one eye from Horus…hence the one eye illuminati symbol representing the power of Set. We have to wonder why the eye of Horus over an Egyptian pyramid appears on US currency?


   Every myth is symbolic of a hidden reality in life. Isis and Horus are real and so is Set. They live on today through the people of this earth. There are light warriors here and there are shadow warriors. We could call these dark warriors, The Army of Set. They make themselves known publicly by covering one eye as an Ode to Set, or they make the 666 signs, or devil horns with their hands as an up yours to Horus or all that is Divine.

Katy Perry

   If 2020 seems a little over the top for you, look deeply into everything happening and follow the money.  We are currently in a climactic battle between the forces of creation and the forces of destruction, between Good and evil.  Once again, the forces of light are winning.

The Army of Set are some of the most influential people on earth. 

The 666 hand sign

Innocent people caught in Set’s trap at a very early age. 

   People of goodness never suspect anything outside the bounds of purity, kindness and decency. This has been humanities downfall…not seeing what is right in front of us. Secrecy, disinformation, enchantment, power, fame, fortune, illusion and the mind control of music, film and media are dark force weaponry influencing the masses to think and behave in depraved ways that slowly destroy the foundation of our Source Light, making objective sex, drugs, bullying, corruption, perversion, obscenity, and fame appear admirable to our youth.

   This song, Hotel California is said to have been written for those who sold their soul to the devil for fame and fortune, unknowingly becoming the Army of Set, trapped in a hell most people cannot even image. At this time in history, they have a chance to be set free.

“Mirrors on the ceiling
The pink champagne on ice
And she said, ‘we are all just prisoners here, of our own device
And in the master’s chambers
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can’t kill the beast.”

Writer/s: Glenn Lewis Frey, Don Felder, Donald Hugh Henley

Special thanks to Max Spiers