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The Original 007

“The world is full of magical things
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

W. B. Yeats

   During the 16th century an English mathematician, astronomer, magician and hermetic philosopher named John Dee became a tutor and trusted member of the court under Queen Elizabeth I.

   Commissioned to draw up astrological charts for Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth, Dee made the mistake of discussing Mary’s chart with Elizabeth, and was arrested for treason. Witnesses testifying against Dee during the trial appeared to become cursed with a death in the family or personal harm and the charges were eventually dropped. As an odd coincidence, his first two wives died after being unable to conceive children for him.

   In 1558 Dee had become Queen Elizabeth’s most trusted advisor and often corresponded with her over highly confidential matters using the code 007, which identified his letters specifically, “for the queen’s eyes only.”

   Dee may not have wielded a pistol, but he held something far more dangerous…
his knowledge of the occult.

   The zeros represented eyes, shielded by the magical number 7 of protection and spiritual power.

   During his employment with the court, Dee embarked upon a journey to understand the forces of nature and to communicate with other worldly powers through crystal scrying.  Along his travels he visited Emperors and Kings and was generally accepted as a man of knowledge, however, his association with Queen Elizabeth caused speculation he may be a secret spy for the monarch. The Polish king in particular was a devout Catholic and very cautious of Dee’s supernatural interests, with concern he was in communication with evil spirits.

   By 1588 Protestant England stood in the way of Spain’s Catholic dominance, causing King Philip to prepare what he proclaimed “an invincible Spanish Armada” of 130 grand battleships with the intent of overtaking England to restore Catholicism by force. 

   As the Armada began its approach toward the British Channel, Queen Elizabeth made ready with her ships to do battle at sea, but John Dee intervened, claiming he would prove his advanced sorcery and protect England without any need for loss of men or ships.

   It is said his understanding of the occult and his bond with otherworldly connections gave him the power to conjure a storm so violent it destroyed the entire Spanish fleet, earning him special favor with the queen.

   Three more Armadas were sent to conquer England after the first Armada’s humiliating decimation of 1588. The second and third were yet again destroyed by unprecedented and unexpected storms of merciless rage. The final Armada was halted with the death of Phillip II, ending any further attempts by Spain to invade England.

   Reaping the karmic backlash, as many practicing black magicians do, Dee died in poverty, abandoned by the court after Elizabeth’s death.

   Many prefer to believe magic is just a fairytale in stories like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, yet magic is very real and shows itself throughout history in prominent places.

   Humans hold tremendous power that can be applied toward any end. Those who rely on manipulation and force may appear to win in the short term, but in the end it always catches up with them.  

   Love is the only power that will set us on a path of true and lifelong fulfillment, because what we put out will always be returned.

May all hearts be filled with the invincible magic of love


There are none as powerful
as those who live through a pure loving heart.


Simon Parkes ~ Illuminati Insider