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The Original Adam

The original Adam is within us all

    The original Adam or Adamic human prior to the fall, was an enlightened species living in communion with nature, maintaining direct connection with Source and harmony with all life everywhere.

   After the fall all consciousness dropped to the level of the reptile, which is service to self, non empathic, non-feeling, survival of the fittest oriented, and we have been moving toward re-embodying our original divine nature of feeling, loving, unity oriented beings ever since. This current ascension cycle is a time when re-embodiment of our higher nature is supported and probable for those who wish to evolve, however, many don’t have a concept of what we are reaching for, and what is actually possible.   

   A significant number of calls and emails I receive are from people asking if they are going to make this ascension. This post is dedicated to helping people monitor their progress, determine where they are and how to move higher. To ascend we simply want to move from the reptilian behavior into the original higher human template and our relationships help reflect where we may be in relevance to our current stage of evolution. 

The Fallen 

   The fallen stage of consciousness is represented in relationships that remain rooted in base reptilian instinct, lust, seduction, fighting, competition, drama, non-feeling service to self, “I’ll get what I can from the other and hurt them before they can hurt me so my ego stays in tact,” mentality. The reptile mind wants to conquer, manipulate, use, control, dominate and often destroy the other for entertainment or a personal feeling of self-empowerment.

   The reptilian consciousness embodies polygamy, with no capacity to love sincerely or make love. A human constantly choosing multiple sexual partners is running the fallen reptilian template, which may have been more acceptable 26,000 years ago, but now, during the ascension cycle when the energy is trying to awaken, enlighten and transform us into higher humans, this sort of behavior in a human will lead to violent jealousy, envy, possessiveness, betrayals, fighting, shaming, humiliation, cruelty and brutality. Just to be perfectly clear, this is not human behavior, this is fallen reptilian consciousness that leads to self destruction. 

   Fallen consciousness couples generally manipulate each other through their sexuality, appearance, monetary status, drama, mental seduction through lies, false pretenses, high risk adventures and competition. These people are often very possessive of each other, yet they also tend to constantly cheat on each other due to the reptilian drive that runs them. These are the people who always think the grass is greener on the other side, and continually switch sides. 

   This type of union drops consciousness to lower levels all the time as they lie, cheat, steal, blame, shame, belittle, humiliate and betray others perpetually, leading to physical illness, depression, addictions and soul fracturing that can invite entity attachment or demonic possession, leading to extreme revenge, soul sucking hatred, betrayal, violence, abandonment and eventually mental illness, narcissism, sociopathy, schizophrenia and severe soul fragmentation. These folks are on a descending timeline, yet they always have the choice to shift out of the fallen template and improve their lives.   

Alchemical Unions – moving above reptilian behavior

   Those who are rising above the reptilian instinctual level have developed their heart center through sincere kindness, compassion, honesty and integrity, moving them out of the overwhelm of addiction, lust and ego manipulation, into a more sacred or revered connection that honors the body mind and soul of self and of the partner, without possessiveness or drama. This creates a relationship that will assist both partners in transforming to higher levels of consciousness and reap greater health, wealth and happiness in physical reality.    

   These unions are often referred to as alchemical because both partners initiate the other into higher planes of evolution through genuine caring, transforming their realities from instinctual or materialistic into a more heart centered or spiritual outlook where they are able to open to love, feel empathy, compassion, and have appreciation for their partner and the differences or new perspectives they both bring into the relationship.  

   This union will help heal old ancestral patterns, lower formed consciousness, negative programming, deviant behaviors, confusion, addictions and self destructive tendencies.    

Soul Mate Connections

   The next level up is a Soul Mate connection. This is often a partner who reflects our future self or a higher version of self. We attract them due to an evolving energy within ourselves. This relationship can flourish if the ego (reptilian influence) is in check, however, if the ego is left in charge, one or both partners will become frightened by the emerging love as it expands and one or both will want to run from the relationship and blame the other for the fear they feel due to an overwhelming depth of emotion, which dissolves the reptilian construct…dissolving old identity.   

   If both partners choose love over fear, this connection will evolve into higher levels of spiritual awareness, and the union will flourish beyond anything they would have imagined possible. Pure monogamy and reverence for self and each other are natural outcomes and a preferred state for both parties, as they understand the power and consequences that come along with sexual union and how this ignites the soul and creates a polarity they must work through together. 

Twin Flame Connections

    The next level of union is commonly known as Twining. The Twin Souls. These beings are generally from a specific soul group or genetic lineage that held the higher human template in check more prestigiously than others. When two genetic equals from these soul groups come together, they will more easily re-create the original higher human template together and reach higher states of consciousness, as well as embody their soul and regain the ability to communicate with nature and Source. 

   There are a number of twin soul couples on earth today who teach genetic equals how to progress in their unions, as it can be filled with very new and miraculous occurrences that boggle the mind and body as the true power and purpose of our sexual energy is revealed.  

   Twin flame unions often experience inorganic interference, or dark force interference, causing disillusionment, confusion and false projections that cause one or both partners to experience conflict or separation. Both partners must be spiritually strong to undergo this level of connection.

Heiros Gamos Connections

   The next level of union involves couples who are a match in higher consciousness development, soul embodiment, and genetic equality. This is the Heiros Gamos, a sacred union between the human being and Source. These beings have completely cleansed themselves of the fallen reptilian template and merged with their monadic soul. Both partners have extremely heightened levels of consciousness, with awareness of universal laws, the hologram, false matrixes, the false ascended masters and imposter spirits, galactic consciousness, off planet species, the true history of humanity, with access to the akashic records, their own soul origin, soul family, and galactic guardians etc. These lovers create light together in union, and birth a new and higher energy field they both merge with together…moving beyond this plane of consciousness.

   Embodying the original Adamic human blueprint, their mission on earth is to facilitate liberation and ascension for others.  Dark force interference may cause daily disruptions with these couples, but it only makes their unions stronger.

   Even if you are not with a partner at this time you can raise your level of consciousness and ascend to your true Adamic nature through living a life of integrity, honesty, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, love, compassion, service to others; doing inner work to clear emotional blocks and by taking responsibility for your own thoughts, actions and emotions.   

   The next two years we continue at accelerated rates toward consciousness breakthroughs and higher levels of embodying the soul to reach our innate birthright as human beings. In this regard, timing is everything. 

   If you have had some hard knocks lately, the universe is simply pushing you in a better direction for your ascension. All lower reptilian behavior will lead to devastation and ruin through this ascension cycle, so we are best off choosing only love, kindness, compassion and truth.

May all hearts be healed and whole as we rise in consciousness together my dear friends!!!

  “Adam Kadmon – original human – accesses the kingdoms of light, the dimensional realms inhabited with benevolent, loving, positive and truthful spirits.”

Energetic Synthesis

Reference: Lisa Renee, a true Heiros Gamos template holder and inspiration to all life everywhere