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The Path of Fire

When we heal,
we are never what we were before…
we are far better.

   Every personal birth chart holds an imprint of the path our soul set in motion for this life; the blessings and lessons, the love to share, the darkness to understand and the liberation we discover in order to help others experience similar freedom. 

   For many years I wondered why I encountered so many eccentric personalities that caused unreasonable injustice, agony and malice, until one wise astrologer pointed out that I was born with Pluto in my 7th house. Pluto is known as the destructive tyrant who causes pain, and the 7th house is the house of relationships.

   Apparently my soul decided it would be a great idea to learn about unconscionable cruelty in others through intimate relationships. On top of that, the planet Chiron is in Pisces in my chart. Chiron is the planet of unhealed wounds and Pisces is the planet that feels everything. What this means is every painful encounter sits in my energy field like a burning hot coal on raw skin until I deal with it. There is no escaping that kind of pain for an instant.

The burning desire to heal
is the quickest path toward relief

   Pain inspires a focused attention on finding ways to release the nauseating wounds searing into the soul, making almost every moment sheer torture until the correct release of that specific trauma is found.

   This is what my soul intended so I would become proficient at healing pain, and fulfill my mission of helping others release and dissolve their own wounds. 

The funny thing about healing is,
we discover the emotional wound  
expanded our heart
so we can experience
even greater love and compassion

   Many people call in wondering why they have specific traumas or situations that recur in their lives no matter how much they clear and meditate. In most cases this is a soul choice to offer a specific experience you require to find your mission. Once you understand your soul purpose, the influence no longer affects you.

   Look into what your traumas, fears and pain bring up and ask yourself, “What would be the greatest outcome of this suffering?” The answer may lead you straight to your mission or soul purpose, and the resolve or end of that painful pattern.  

May all hearts be healed