The Play of Life


“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”

Albert Camus

To awaken from this illusion is to realize there is no death, only experiences within many frequencies and realities.  You are not here by mistake. You are here on purpose. Every experience is on purpose. 

All possibilities you wanted to experience
are available to your infinite spirit. 

You have the opportunity to experience pain and joy, poverty and wealth, hate and love, separation and togetherness, slavery and freedom, cold or hot. You have the ability to choose new friends, new lovers, new houses, new careers, new clothes, new identities and new bodies. You have the ability to not choose anything, and to remain still and unmoved by everything.

This is the play of life. 
You are Source energy. 
You are infinite possibilities. 
You are the most powerful energy in existence. 

You came here to have a little fun pretending you are not Source. Pretending you are weak, helpless, a blithering idiot, powerless, or…powerful, invincible, brilliant or  breathtakingly magnificent. It’s all just a play. It’s all make believe for the experience, because, in fact… 

You can be anything, do anything,
create anything, any time, anywhere.

…Accept on earth, the game is to pretend you cannot. You must pretend you are not Source; just a mere human stuck in a reality of limitation.

Once you remember that, you get out of your car and walk very slowly through life enjoying every last morsel of this illusion, sucking the marrow out of life, because we are about to move into higher frequencies where you can’t pretend to be less than what you really are any longer.

Enjoy EVERYTHING of this realm while you can…the laughter and the tears, the bonding, the separation. It’s all for the experience.

…and if you want to remain in duality, in a world of limitation and dichotomies, you can. Just keep believing you are not Source.

My love to you, no matter what you choose