The Quintessential Question


“Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.”

Walt Whitman

   One powerful question will help you remain cool and calm in the midst of any adversity. It will access a shortcut to success in every area of life. It will save you time, energy and protect you from going down the wrong path. It will help you decide on investments and risks.  It will help you choose the right partner in love and in business. It will motivate you, give you clarity and lead to your ultimate fulfillment. 

   This question will guide you to focus and commit wholeheartedly so you have more personal power packed behind every action. It will determine how you feel about energy you extend and help you ride highs and lows with celebration. The question is, “What do I value?”

   A value is what you hold most dear, most important and most valuable in any given area. What you value leads to your code of behavior and the outcome of your life. Everything you regret occurs due to making choices that went against your core values.

What are your values in:

Health and fitness
Personal development

List them in order of importance, such as:

Family Values =

  1. Love
  2. Honesty
  3. Harmony
  4. Communication
  5. Time together

   Once you know your values in each area of life, apply them before you make decisions. For example, lets say you value your time, peace of mind, ease of transaction and enhancing humanity in business. If you have a project opportunity that sounds lucrative, the first thing to do is run it through your list of values. Will this take more time than it’s worth or will your time be enjoyable? Can you maintain peace of mind no matter what occurs? Will this lead to an easy transaction?  Will this uplift and enhance humanity, or will it cause harm to those who partake in it? 

   If each question fulfills your values, you will have more positive energy, optimism and commitment behind your project, leading to greater success. If your answers to not meet your values in business, it’s an indication this may go against what is most important to you, therefor, take you away from what is best for you, causing ripples of disharmony throughout your life.

 The more we value ourselves and others,
the more likely we are to live according to
our highest code of ethics and succeed in life

Blessings on your most fulfilling journey my friends!


You were born with wings of virtue
… fly!