The Quote

“The heart that loves is always young.”


   My Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor has the above quote in her office. I read it each visit and it touches me more deeply every time. The loving nature my healer works with has convinced me that LOVE is the cure to everything.

What is Love?

   Love is what the soul is made of. It’s the essence that creates your form and animates your body. It’s our creator, our life force, our most powerful and potent energy; the greatest gift we will ever receive.

   When we move away from this essence our world falls apart. Have you ever noticed an angry unloving pessimistic day casts darkness on your path? Without love people rely on force and this is where the chaos in the world begins. It’s a disconnect from our true nature, our greatest strength and the magic that makes everything flow in harmony and wholeness.

How do we maintain our connection to love in the midst of a chaotic world?
…with intention.

Love, be loved, become love in all you do, and love love itself. 
The more we move into love, the more powerful we become.

  Love imbues a radiant quality, a divine power that strengthens every cell in your body. It awakens the brain and activates higher levels of consciousness. It protects us, provides energy, vitality and guides us in life. Love literally heals the organs, adds luster, beauty, youth and longevity to the cells. It enhances every connection, purifies the soul and empowers your day.

“Fall in love…stay there.”


With great LOVE and happiness