The Sorting Hat

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are,
far more than our abilities.”

~ Dumbledore

   In the movie Harry Potter, each child must don the sentient Sorting Hat to be assembled into their most appropriate School House. Each house represents different aspects of the human potential.

For example:

   Gryffindor House, symbolized by the Lion, may roughly represent our potential for success through honesty, loyalty, confidence, self- love and acceptance, heart felt diligence, benevolence, creativity, unity, sacred bonds and friendships, trust, kindness, study, genius, generosity, and wielding our love in service to the empowerment of the whole. These choices build the light body and draw more of the soul into your physical body for greater health, stability, discernment, self-mastery and happiness.


   Slytherin House symbolized by the snake, may roughly represent the potential of our dark side, supporting cunning, ruthless ambition, being sly, scheming, calculating, outsmarting and crushing the opponent, mastering lies of omission, force, arrogance, duplicitousness, manipulation, entitlement, and wielding the intellect and will in service to self -empowerment. These choices destroy the light body, causing a disconnect from the soul essence that invites dark force interference, emotional and mental instability, poor choices, addictions, infantilism, psychosis and eventual utter defeat and humiliation.

   When the sorting hat was placed on Harry Potter’s head it saw the potential for Harry to excel in either house, so Harry said out loud to the hat, “Please NOT Slytherine, Please NOT Slytherine,” which meant he was choosing the path of light and not darkness. The Sorting Hat had to concede, and this is universal law. We all have the right to choose our side and every choice throughout each day is a statement to the universe about which side we are moving along.

“Draco Dormiens Nanquam Titillandus”

“In fact, Tickle a Sleeping Dragon”
…awaken your dormant powers

Choose Your House

   Every morning the first words out of your mouth set the course of your day. Good time to declare your choice out loud to awaken your dormant spiritual potential. 

For example:

I dedicate my life to unconditional love, truth, health, and happiness
for the greater good of all.
I choose to align with my highest soul potential, and live Sovereign and Free.

   This is choosing a path that will build your light body. When you do this many doors open, many house members and Guardians begin to pay more attention to you and help you along the way; as long as your lifestyle mirrors your statements.

   Those who choose to embrace this may notice the positive upgrades in their life almost immediately. 

Blessings for a more fulfilling life my dear friends