The Spirit of Beauty

Dwell in the beauty of life 

   As a teen I worked after school to earn enough money for one of my favorite things… dressing in my finest to attend The Royal Ballet, Musicals, and Theater presentation at the regal McPherson Playhouse in Victoria. In awe I would marvel at the stunning outfits, the music, talent and the gracious audience. It was a celebration of everyones heart and soul, and those who had dedicated their lives to the arts; to their primal expression; to uplifting the inner worlds of all those who came to enjoy.

   It occurred to me during an exquisite ballet that we were all passionately breathless for the beauty of it all. The beauty of expression, the beauty of profound creativity, mastery and elegance in all forms. The audience was regal, charming and grateful for the chance to honor the talent and present as the best version of themselves for that evening. These experiences always enhanced the feeling…

all good things are possible
when we come together at our very best.

   Last summer a life long friend invited me to an Opera. We flew to Seattle and had fun dressing to the hilt. He wore a classy tux and looked spectacular and I put on a long evening gown with pearls. With great excitement to partake in this magnificent event we were shocked to discover the majority of people arriving in jeans, old t-shirts and hair that appeared to have rarely been combed. 

   Watching the audience mingle before the show I noticed something very interesting. Most of the disheveled audience members were squabbling, appearing bored or upset while they shoveled piles of junk food into their mouths as fast as they could to beat the curtain call. Those who appeared to have put some consideration into how to honor the evening were having gentle conversations, adoring one another, appreciating the decor and marveling at the entry music. It was like watching two different worlds. One world that seemed hopeless, desperate, and disrespectful to themselves, and the other that felt present, peaceful, and appreciative. It had never been so clear that we either add to the pleasure of life or to the peril.

   This had nothing to do with race, religion, gender, age, financial bracket or physical beauty, it had to do with the outward expression of people. The impact we all have on the world based on our intentions and how we present ourselves each day is ENORMOUS. 

   Beauty is a spiritual quality. It uplifts, inspires, soothes and heals us.  I’m speaking of the beauty that shines from within. A beauty that is contagious and soul inspiring. A beauty that lifts you up and makes you want to be a better person and live a more authentic life honoring the self and others. 

   As we add more beautiful thoughts, deeds, actions and intentions to life, we uplift humanity without saying a word.

“When I admire beauty…
my soul expands.”

Mahatma Gandhi