The Unprecedented Power of Pyraminds


Geometry will draw the soul toward truth
and create the spirit of philosophy

~ Pluto

   Those of you who grew up in the 60’s may remember an advertisement on television for a Gillette Razor that self sharpened. The razor came with a metal pyramid that folded at the hinges. After use, all you had to do was place the razor inside the pyramid and the iron particles on the blade would ionize after being focused through a north-south oriented pyramid. By the next morning the razor was sharper than the day before.

   The first time I saw this commercial I literally jumped up and down celebrating the magic of pyramids. Being a child, I reasoned that all pyramids would supercharge whatever lay within, so I began imagining my petite body inside a pyramid surrounding my bed before sleep each night.  I recommend experimenting with this yourself. Extraordinary things can happen.

   Pyramids are said to rejuvenate and preserve organic matter. When a pyramid is built over a power point on earth, such as an earth chakra or a Ley-Line,  the results are considerably enhanced. Some positive effects include cell rejuvenation, improved health, added power, more focused thought, enhanced sexual and spiritual experiences, and increased mental abilities and inner peace.

   In 2008 I met a friend who had invented a medical device based on Pythagorus’s Theorem and the magic triangle equation. This medical device entered the skin without damaging it, leaving a patient unharmed and unscarred.

   This rekindled my fascination with pyramids, and led me to Dr. Alexander Golod Ph.D., a Doctor in the former Soviet Union who has been studying the effects of specific pyramids on medicine, ecology, agriculture, physics, and health sciences.

   One such experiment involved allowing convicts from local prisons to spend time inside Dr. Golod’s pyramids on a regular basis. This had a profound impact on their demeanor. The re-offending levels in these convicts after release were significantly low compared to those who had not spent time in the pyramids.


   Dr. Golod’s research shows great promise for all mankind. The following is a brief summary of his Pyramid Research Results:

1 ~ Immune system of organisms improved  (blood leukocyte composition increased).
2 ~ Improved regeneration of tissue
3 ~ Seeds stored in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield
4 ~ Soon after construction of the Lake Seliger pyramid a marked improvement of the ozone was noted above the area
5 ~ Seismic activity near the pyramid research areas are reduced in severity and size
6 ~ Violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids
7 ~ Pyramids constructed in Southern Russia (Bashkiria) appeared to have a positive effect on oil production with oil becoming less viscous by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased according to tests carried out by the Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
8 ~ A study was done on 5000 prisoners who ingested salt and pepper that had been exposed to the pyramid energy field. The test subjects exhibited a greatly reduced violence rate and overall behavior was much improved.
9 ~ Standard tissue culture tests showed an increase in survival of cellular tissue after infection by viruses and bacteria
10 ~ Radioactive substances show a decreased level of radiation inside the pyramid
11 ~ There are reports of spontaneous charging of capacitors
12 ~ Physicists observed significant changes in superconductivity temperature thresholds and in the properties of semi-conducting and carbon nano materials.
13 ~ Water inside the pyramid will remain liquid to minus 40 degrees Celsius but freeze instantly if jostled or bumped in any way.


Ehsida 2016 


  The link below offers ideas on how to use pyramids in the garden and in the house to enhance every day life.