Up Close and Personal

“Everything is alive, everything is in motion, everything corresponds;
A captive here on earth for the moment,
I commune with the chorus of stars and they join in my sorrows and joys.”

~ Gerard de Nerval

   When I was sixteen I worked part time as a nurses aid at a private facility in a small town by the sea. There were 9 floors in the hospital and each floor “up” was considered a higher risk care center. The 9th floor housed mostly centenarians who no longer had full grasp of their faculties. It was a rough floor to work. 

   Over the course of my duties it became apparent that about half the nurses responsible for the 9th floor would call in sick every full moon, leaving the nurses aids to pick up the work load. Full moons began leaving me a bit uneasy. I would enter the elevator bracing myself for the inevitable madness and mayhem once the elevator doors slowly opened, like a curtain on a circus. 

   Lamps, food and prescription bottles would be flying across the sitting room. 100 year old bodies would be running naked down the hall screaming, fully believing they were being chased by ghosts. Doors would be slamming, nurses would be running to the elevator fleeing their shift and I would be left responsible for the night loonies, mostly all by myself. If the red planet mars was moving closer to earth, I learned to book off those weeks, as it became a real danger zone with some nurses ending up in the hospital themselves.

   From this rather interesting work experience I could not deny that the full moon and the movement of other planets in the sky had a significant impact on the earth and its inhabitants.  Of course, we also have positive emotions that can overflow and spread throughout our lives on full moons and planetary changes as well.

I truly believe the universe is working its magic
with the different alignment of planets,
offering new perspectives on life to help us grow.

   The planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde between June 26th to July 10th, 2018. Imagine flying over a small town in a jet plane verses walking down a village road. Retrograde is a slow stroll through life with every detail lingering in mid air, helping us notice things we would have never noticed before. Life’s un-lived emotions, suppressed thoughts and dreams, memories from the past and unrecognized beliefs will all be up close and personal for review as the summer sun and the shifting planets shine bright and beautiful on our lives.

   As the hidden appears we will be offered opportunities to make better decisions for the future through introspection, communication and understanding the self and others on a deeper level for a higher quality of life.  If tempers are short or frustration is high, it’s not real, it’s just an accentuated condition of what life normally is. Breathe, forgive, love and relax, and most of all pay attention to what life and love are bringing up within you for an upgrade.

 May you have insights that inspire, leading to greater clarity and comfort by the end of summer.


   “An unexamined life is not worth living.”