What Do You Think?

“A man is literally what he thinks,
his character being
the complete sum of all his thoughts.”

~ James Allen

   One of my favorite mystic mischief makers blessed India as a blossoming child during the 30’s, where he was known as Chandra Mohan Jain. Everyone in his tiny village loved him. Even though he was a bit of a trouble maker, all his playfulness led to blessed awakenings.

   Wee Chandra and a Pundit elder had an ongoing conversation concerning the impact of thoughts on every day life. The Pundit, widely versed in all manner of academia, discarded the power of thought, saying invisible things had no affect on him whatsoever, and that was that. To this Chandra suggested the Pundit may need to retract his words in time, and off he went on a mission to give his friend an experience he would never forget.

   Chandra skipped through town taking short meetings with villagers who knew the Pundit well, and agreements were made. On the following day the Pundit awoke to see his wife looking over him with great concern. 

   “Are you unwell darling? You’re not quite yourself today.”  Perturbed and dismissive, the Pundit dressed quickly and set out on his usual walk to work. 

   As he passed merchants and street sweeper they mentioned how pale and frail he appeared. Even the town beggar offered help, concerned the Pundit may fall from weakness. On it went with each strategic actor along his way, causing him to arrive at his station feeling rather unwell.

   Throughout the day patrons shared concern over his health, asking if they might bring nourishment, or help him home to bed.  By afternoon the Pundit felt jittery, wondering if he had the strength to make it home. Along his way, children free from school told him not to worry, if he fell they would pick him up and carry him the rest of the way. The moment he arrived home he collapsed on his bed instructing his wife to summon the doctor.

   Instead, his wife signaled for Chandra who explained the day, asking the Pundit to admit his thoughts, and the thoughts of other’s had quite an impact. The Pundit agreed, but not until he had experienced it first hand. He recovered rapidly and awoke a wiser man the next day.

   How we think, what we consider and how we speak to ourselves each day will become the protective shield excluding negativity, or an absorbent sponge taking in toxic mischief from others. We can reinforce the strength of our own supportive thoughts with empowering statements each day:



   Positive thoughts are smile vitamins for yourself and others that nourish every cell in the body.   

How much love, vitality and joy can you generate in your part of the world today?