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What’s Next?

Many people have been asking,
“What happened to the Ascension, and what comes next?”

   When you think of the“Ascension,” think “Ascended Masters,” such as Buddha, Jesus, Loa Tzu, Socrates, Krishna etc. These were beings who ascended into higher levels of consciousness, beyond the suffering of the 3D world.

   Windows of ascension occur at specific periods of time, made possible by auspicious star alignments and galactic cycles that enhance humanities opportunity to expand. As you can see from the charts below, there are generally 100 year periods of supportive influx meant to free humanity from the lower realms of pain and suffering.

Socrates 470 -399 BC
Heraclitus 535- 475 BC
Mahavira 540- 468 BC
Buddha 563 -480 BC
Muhammad 570- 632 BC
Pythagorus 570- 495 BC

Nicola Tesla 1856-1943
Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941
Ramana Maharishi 1879-1950
George Gurdjieff 1886-1949
Meher Baba 1894-1969
Yogananda 1893-1952
Krishnamurti 1895-1986

   In the past only a handful of beings ascended during previous periods, however, our current cycle offers support for an unprecedented global ascension.

   The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 began the first five year cycle.  This is when world consciousness accelerated at a revolutionary rate, allowing technology to explode on the world stage in leaps and bounds. In 30 years we graduated from library cards to iPhones, plastic records to iTunes, and greeting cards that play songs with technology that used to power NASA computers. This surge arrived after hundreds of years of tiny baby steps.

   On December 21st, 2012 structures shifted to bring about the beginning of a much more powerful 5 year ascension cycle that would offer greater support, clearings, and insights  intended to expand consciousness globally. 

   January 2018 we began another 5 year ascension cycle
with a bit of a new theme that may be called THE AWAKENING.

   When we are asleep in our beds we imagine that our dreams are reality. It’s only when we awaken that we realize it was just a dream. This next 5 year period is the awakening from the dream of what we believed was “reality,” into “truths” you may have never considered.

   Have you ever dreamt you were feasting on a delicious meal only to awaken and find your mind had tricked you into believing you were getting what you wanted? Once you awaken you can make a good meal and receive real nourishment. This next 5 year period will offer greater spiritual, mental, physical and emotional nourishment with the potential to set you free from lack or deprivation of the past.

The Great Divide

   Those who awoke in previous five year cycles perceive reality very differently from those who are still in the dream. This has caused the great divide within humanity, as people experience completely different worlds according to their level of consciousness. How can folks communicate harmoniously when one sees stripes and the other sees polka dots, even though they are presented with the same thing?  Disharmony, war and confusion prevail for this very reason. As more and more people awaken, harmony, unity and love amongst the masses will become the new norm.

   Many of you have been following the solar flare charts, recognizing that earth is being blasted with extraordinary solar power quite consistently these days. The Schumann resonance continues to spike and our alignment with Galactic Center – the heart and soul of this universe – is reaching its “unlock” phase that is much like dialing in the correct numbers in a safe filled with treasures. The numbers in this situation are stars aligning in very opportune sequences with our planet. The solar flares create the opening and the alignment unleashes energy we have never felt before on earth. If this sounds woo woo please ask yourself these questions.

Have you and those you know been much more exhausted than usual ?
Have you been more aware of specific fears and anxieties?
Have your relationships felt more intense?
Do you have more life concerns or insecurities?
Have you experienced more ups and downs?
Have you felt more confused, lost, hopeless or overwhelmed by life?
Have you noticed more personal themes that trouble you?
Has your body had strange symptoms or illnesses such as an extended bout of the flu or strange aches and pains or skin outbreaks?

   For some these are indications of blocked energy or old belief systems, (B.S.) that keep people from awakening. For others, you may be processing the old energy as it releases from the deeper layers.

   To make the most out of this next 5 year ascension cycle, please keep up with your “inner work” by releasing stagnant or unpleasant emotions. Still your mind every day to create an opening for the higher energy. Consume clean food and pure water. Affirm the highest, keep your frequency peaked in-between getting more rest, and witness the old releasing from your life with excitement for the new.

   What many are calling, “The Event,” is already under way. There is nothing to fear and much to look forward to over the next 5 years and beyond.

   Blessings on your ascending journey my friends.