When All Seems Lost


“Open different doors
and you may find a YOU,
you never knew was yours.”

Mary Poppins

   The bitter cold pierced through my clothing like a knife as I trudged against a fierce winter wind that seemed gleeful in its victory over my forward movement. With each forced step I  contemplated a long year of loss and pain, feeling deep compassion for those in need of comforting, wondering what I could share to ease their agony, knowing something warm and wonderful must be in reach. 

   Joining my dearest friends at a movie theater my mind stood still as colorful images of fantasy and love filled emotional feasts played across the screen. A colorful English nanny descended from a cloudy sky, alighting on the earth with a graceful elegance, carrying the magic she held within like a glowing trophy.

   When all seemed lost she would smile, wink, pose a question, command an action or simply start to sing. Soon a home filled with fear, death, loneliness and poverty sprouted laughter, adventure, playfulness, abundance and answers to impossible questions. 

   By looking at things differently, collaborating with trust and love, seeing through illusions, calling out and extinguishing the bad guys, and believing in the goodness of life, the previously gloomy characters in the movie turned mayhem into heaven on earth…and so can we.

   I left the movie with more light in my heart. The wind had died down, the night was calm with a gentle amber glow adding old street ambiance to the promenade. We settled into a deserted diner for tea, basking in the lingering enchantment of the film, when all at once my dear friend leaned over to pick something up. It was a crisp new $100 bill just lying there in the middle of the abandoned cafe. She searched for its rightful owner but there was no one around, so she offered it to me. I urged her to enjoy it for herself, so she rushed to beat the closing doors of Barnes and Nobles and purchased a gift certificate for $100 for her beloved husband. The next day I had the pleasure of watching him march out of the book store with a huge bag of books and a smile that warmed every heart passing by…and the goodness continued to expand.

   When we live in the atmosphere of all possibilities, believing in magic, expecting the miraculous, making wise decisions and behaving as the best version of ourselves…all will be well and life will reward you for all you have been through!

   Blessing on a New Years journey overflowing with good health, deeper love, grander abundance, fulfilling happiness and profound inner peace!


“Chase your dreams, you wont regret it.
Anything can happen if you let it.”

Mary Poppins