Trivia and Interest



The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance –
it is the illusion of knowledge.

~ Daniel J. Boorstin

   In a very old, but valid study, which I shall call Will-o’-the-wisp, a group of scientists decided it might be interesting to put kittens into a controlled environment and watch what happens. Instead of allowing them to grow up naturally in the green grass with trees to climb, butterflies to watch and critters to chase, they were put into an empty control room before they even opened their eyes.

   The walls on these control rooms had screens, similar to a television or computer screen, that blended into the walls unnoticed. One group of kittens grew up with the screen projecting only horizontal lines and another group grew up with screens projecting only vertical lines. This is all they saw; this was their only experience, and they came to know either vertical or horizontal as the one and only reality.

   Eventually these kittens were placed into an environment containing both vertical and horizontal lines and this proved traumatic. They became agitated, confused, frightened and reactive. They bumped into things because they could only see what they had been programmed to see. Their central nervous system and sensory perception had been trained to believe only one reality was real, either vertical or horizontal. It was… Will-o’-the-wisp, no more than a perception about reality based on how each kitten perceived the illusion they had been shown.

These grown kittens were then introduced to each other, and I can just hear their conversations:

Fluffy: “Vertical is all there is you furrball. Lay off the catnip dude.”

Mittens : “ Horizontal rules you fluff head. What did they put in your milk?”

….cat fight in 5…4…3…2…1!!!

    The grown kittens in the experiment basically had a hard time relating because they perceived reality so differently. They had no other context than what they had been shown, and both of these programmed realities were false. How do you de-program a mind from this level of foolery and false impression? Very carefully, very gently, very patiently!

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.

~ Albert Einstein

   What type of consciousness would do this to cute little kittens? The same type of consciousness that did this to humanity. 

   Even before the advent of the radio and television, humans have been involved in a very similar experiment. Depending on what religion, race, belief system, language, diet, bed time stories or music a person listened to growing up, they were taught what was good and bad, right and wrong according to that program.

   Some were even taught to kill innocent people of another race or religion just because the information said this was the right thing to do. Instead of overriding the program with their heart and soul, they simply did what they were told…without question. This is the nature of programming, it disconnects a being from their heart, soul and inner truth.

“Why are we still flying in planes from the 60’s when the computer chip in your phone is far more advanced than the computer chip in the plane?”

Rob Counts ~ Edge of Wonder

   Now we have cartoons, books, channels, schools, computer games, movies, Hollywood idols, news and social media that program people more deeply and keep them stuck in the same spot with the same limitations as if that were normal.

   Depending on what people are taught they will all believe they are right and everyone else is clearly wrong. It will be unconscionable to realize others don’t see reality as they do. They believe they have proof, but where is that proof coming from? The experimenters.

   Every once in a while they introduce something such as, the earth is flat verses the earth is spherical, aliens exist verses no such thing as aliens, or wearing a mask verses…..

…not wearing a mask.

   Fear and hate are so quickly hurled at what appears to be opposition simply because one group watched one source of information and believed it, and another group watched another source of information and believed it. Suddenly they become separate from each other. Now feel inside of yourself right now. Are you saying, yes, but my information IS right and those other people are crazy?

   What if your textbooks were wrong? What if Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica, history books, magazines, news papers, authority figures, fact checker sites and supposed experts are wrong? What if all the information we have been given about our history is not accurate? How would we know the difference? Where does that leave us now? 

   Moving forward we must bring our heart and soul into everything in life in order to feel what is real and know the truth instead of believing everything we are told because this very long outdated experiment is being closed down now.

Hallelujah, praise all cuteness and kitty purrs

Putting it all aside to find the truth

   For the past 5 years most of my posts have been a gentle attempt to prepare for what is about to happen 12-21-2020 and beyond, which is a very positive transformation, but one that will expose the truth; that vertical and horizontal belief systems were simply programmed in as a reality in order to cause a divide and conquer mentality within society, making us much easier to manage because our power is in unification.

Our greatest power is in loving each other
no matter how upside down the other one seems.

   What if this was never about organic division between humanity, but instead, a group of controlling experimenters toying with humanity for eons?

   Over the next 7 months to 3 years many truths will be revealed that could cause major reactiveness, or catfights, but the kitties themselves are innocent and good and at their original center they love each other and only want to cuddle and purr and watch butterflies dance in the sky together. 

How do we make it through the dissolve of very old false programming?
How do we make it through the struggling downfall of the experimenters who had captured the consciousness of this earth and are still unwilling to let their experiment go?


   Don’t react to anything you hear or see and don’t assume anything is right or wrong until you see, feel, taste touch and know in your heart beyond a shadow of a doubt what is organically true about this reality.

Just watch and wait and watch some more
and feel and seek the truth in your heart.
Things may not be what they seem, even if you have believed it your entire life.

   Please, above all else, be kind to each other. Everyone will go through this immense transformation together. Comfort each other, and if you are going to wish for anything, wish for truth, because only the truth will bring you peace.

   As the truth about this reality is revealed, our lives will change for the better forever. All we will want to do is help, support and love each other. It will be like the kittens leaving the experiment chamber and running into the garden to play, finding the truth about life from their very own experience is more glorious than they ever could have imagined.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.

~ Richard Bach