Year of the Doggy


Dogs represent the best aspects of humanity

   According to Chinese Astrology we have just completed the year of the Rooster, which was the wake up call. Did you hear the roosters crow? Interesting things came to light in the year of the rooster and many are still rubbing their eyes wishing they could go back to sleep. On Friday, February 16th we entered the year of the doggy, which is about truth, unification, sovereignty, liberation, higher values and a bounding leap from oligarchy to solidarity.

What exactly is solidarity?
The power to make change, cooperation, agreement,
accord, truth and credibility.

   Shifting from oligarchy to solidarity means people will feel driven to take back their personal power, unite with their true self and with those true to them. We will make decisions to run our own lives with greater harmony and unity of the whole. Isn’t this exactly what introducing a puppy into a room does. Everyone loves the puppy. Pretty much everyone can agree on that.

   How do we make the most of this year? Be like the dog. Focus on unity, TRUTH, sincerity, unconditional love, kindness, goodness, gentleness and fun. Can you love and be playful even when others are unpleasant? Can you rest in a sun patch out in nature? Can you bond more with family and find outrageous joy in little things? Can you welcome new people, but take the time to make sure they are compatible with all of your senses first? Can you (bark) speak out against dangers? Can you be loyal and protect those you love? Can you enjoy life and live in the moment? If so, you will enjoy a wonderful year!

   We also just transitioned from the elemental sign of FIRE to EARTH. 2017 was explosive and 2018 sets a new foundation. Earth is where we form foundations. 2018 is very supportive of moving to a better location, forming new businesses, building on relationships and bonding more with nature, the self, family and humanity. Most of all, its about building a new foundation for your life that offers more freedom, personal power, unity, love, truth, spiritual and financial abundance, and fun!

May you all be blessed beyond your happiest imagination!