You are far too magnificent to comprehend

Growing up deep in the woods far from anything artificial or technological, nature was my playmate and my guide. Exploring the raw wilderness was my favorite childhood adventure. 

Every weekend I would hike to a new peak and sit close to the smooth silky trunk of an arbutus tree with one ear pressed to the tender bark; arms wrapped around the wisdom contained within her form. The heaviness of life would disperse immediately and be replaced with a fresh, clean sensation of renewal. Then, all at once, the birds would move closer singing their sweet melodies, celebrating my deepening connection with all life.


Although there were bears, cougars and unknowns in the woods, I held no fear or concern, as the fresh air infused my being with unprecedented courage and deep inner peace. The root of courage is Cor;  latin for heart. The word earth is an anagram of heart. When we merge with nature we heal and regenerate our heart and soul. We become more powerful, peaceful and therefor, more aligned with who we truly are.

As the melody of nature turned up her volume, the silence within always moved deeper.  In those precious moments of extraordinary peace I would often ask myself, “Who am I?” And the answer, which I imagine would be similar for every child, was always too magnificent to comprehend. We are all so much more than we know.

Nature is a reflection of our true nature. It’s beauty reminds us that we are self regenerative, loving, playful individuals, filled with light, vibrant health, harmony, power and grace.

If you ever lose sight of your inner ecstasy, simply move closer to nature and allow your heart to reconnect with the mother of life. Your childlike heart is the key to YOU  TH.

May 22, 2016 Ehsida Bisset