You Can!


We all have an inner child that is fascinated with every experience. It has no judgement, no regrets, no sense of shame, revenge or fear. This pure aspect of self simply observes life, people, events and internal responses with playful interest. This aspect of self is the Spirit.

Some say it’s impossible to anchor the frequency of unconditional love into physical reality, however, we break that barrier when we hold a neutral presence with those we disagree with, are upset with, or have decided are good or bad or right or wrong.

Your ability to remain neutral, feel compassion or even love in the midst of duality, makes the impossible possible. It’s one of the most powerful choices we can make, as it allows the Spirit to remain safe within the body. The Spirit is our Life Force. We need that.

When we choose hatred or judgement the Spirit literally leaves the body because it cannot exist in those lower frequencies. It may remain attached to the body with energy cords, but it won’t hang out for long if someone continually chooses lower frequency emotions and thoughts

Basking in duality harms the spirit.
Playing in each moment as a neutral observer without judgement strengthens the spirit.


Open to the tremendous playfulness of

your inner child

and paint your world with it.


Each day many people are experiencing more duality and bifurcation as we move toward an Awakening Event. Someone you loved a moment ago may appear to be your enemy the next second simply because they have made different choices or hold different beliefs. This is all an illusion. If we fall for it we harm the Spirit.

There will come a time when enough is revealed to allow everyone to observe the same TRUTH. Those filled with Spirit will unite, no matter their previous beliefs. 

Keep your Spirit happy and together we will bring heaven to earth.