YOU Are Smarter Than You Think!


“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”
Leonardo da Vinci

   For many years I admired the works of great men such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the inventor Nicola Flamel, and the writer-poet Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. I wondered how these men rose higher in their fields than others, how they came in contact with advanced information, and how they accomplished so much more than the “average” human?

   Then I realized these icons shared one very important bond, along with the most powerful, wealthy and influential men in the fields of banking, politics, writing, performing, and big business throughout history. They were all members of secret societies or brotherhoods that appear to be linked to each other, dating back before the time of Pythagorus.

   These secret circles are shrouded in mystery. With over six-million members of fraternal organizations worldwide, the only thing made public was their member lists. However, in 1967 a law was passed no longer making it mandatory for obscure societies to divulge names of their members, leaving no public record of members today. We do see that many of the people in powerful positions in the world at present, had fathers or grandfathers listed as members before the new law took effect.

   The sacred and hidden information passed from brotherhood to brotherhood is said to be based in highly advanced sciences, possibly from ancient Egypt and Sumer. This secret information was so important to the brotherhood that sharing any of the information with outsiders was punishable by death. In the times of Pythagorus, the never-ending image based on the Flower of Life symbol was just one such hidden treasure. 

Crop circles of the Flower of Life in various forms




He who loves practice without theory
is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass
and never knows where he may cast.
Leonardo da Vinci

   The Flower of Life is a sacred key to our divine power. It’s the “rudder and compass of our ship.” Only broken pieces of the flower, along with the Pythagorean Triangle, for example, were revealed openly, leaving the masses stagnant in mental growth or spiritual expansion, while the brotherhood developed new inventions and furthered their own private plans.  

   Recently, members of the British governments have been attempting to pass laws requiring certain fraternal organizations to declare their membership publicly before they join the police force or judiciary, amid accusations of members performing acts of mutual advancement and favor swapping.

   If you have admired the amazing feats of famous inventors, scientists and artist, realize they may have been  privy to information that gave them quite an advantage over the average human, such as information on sacred geometry which unlocks the key to all things mathematical, structural, and musical.

   Now that hidden information is becoming more readily available worldwide, many of these profound secrets to advancement are being revealed. Everyone has talent and potential for mastery.  Perhaps the time is near for many of us to unlock new doors for humanity that will be shared to benefit everyone equally.

Leonardo da Vinci