The Narcissist

Oh what a sad soul I see
hidden behind that charming personality


Narcissistic Behavior

  1. This person takes over the conversation without any interest in what others have to say?

   Almost every get together has one special person who requires a bit more attention than most.
This person may continually talk about themselves, require praise and enormous amounts of attention and energy? They may exaggerate their talents, highlight their achievements and belittle or ignore others? They often react poorly to constructive criticism or become enraged at any lack of spotlight, flattery or preferential treatment, very much like a toddler.

   Narcissism is caused by a number of things and most of those things warrant our compassion, however, spending time with a narcissist can be extraordinarily draining to body, mind and soul and may eventually lead to health issues, lack of personal self esteem, exhaustion and depression. 

   If there is a narcissist in your family, or in your set of friends… or perhaps it’s your partner, it will be important to establish a much more loving and intimate relationship with your inner child in order to mingle with that person and not feel upset, unloved, unacknowledged, betrayed and/or  completely drained.


Being triggered by a narcissist is often due to having an unhappy inner child that is dying for your own love and attention. We can all be a bit narcissistic at times because the inner child is usually quite neglected due to attending to work and the details of life, instead of our most basic and intimate emotional needs. By acknowledging your own feelings, being kind, tender and loving with your self, you will find those who are needy of extra attention do not bother you as much, if at all. The narcissist is simply a 3D broadcast of an unhappy inner child that triggers our own unhappy inner child. 

Healing the Trigger

   Spend sincere time with your inner child, acknowledging, rewarding and nurturing them. They deserve your attention, praise, kindness, love and affection CONSTANTLY. If you have a body, you have an inner child that requires your constant care and attention. Ask your inner child how they are feeling, what they need, why they are hurt or sad or upset. Really listen and you will be amazed by what they tell you. Many times we have to apologize to our inner child for neglecting them before they will agree to communicate with us. Make them a regular part of your day and they will become very happy and fulfilled. This has the potential to transform your life. 

©2017 Ehsida Bisset